Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Big H Skate Co.

Experience a board that's retro-fit to your personality and lifestyle.

For my loyal blog readers, I know you've read one post that I've been looking for a pennyboard here in the Philippines. Well, here it is. Big H Skate Co. is selling high-quality vinyl boards in a very reasonable price. I may not be an expert in terms of this but I know that it is good one. I don't even know how to use this but would like to start with a 22 incher skateboard. I think riding one is like living freely. And the retro feel is relaxing. Also, I dunno the term but having to wear a rugged sneakers and well fit skinny jeans with just a simple tees while on your penny board is something indie-hipster awesome moment. I hope you get what I mean (will be posting a photo of what I mean below). Looks like Big H can give us that feeling am talking about. It comes in variety of colors as well. For me, violet/purple will do great for my taste. But the wood or translucent or dark blue one is good too.

Oh, they have this speakers as well. Not only that they also sell bag for your board.

Store Location:
The Perfect White Shirt
Market Market
Alabang Town Center
And this is what I'm saying (Photos from Jacksgap and Tumblr):

I am PAULO and this is Big H Skate Co.

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