Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Tomorrow June 28, 2012 will be the start of the End of the Season sale for Zara Philippines! I am very excited for this. I think I need not explain myself about why I am so psyched. This is ZARA people. ZARA is ZARA! hahaha.. :D I hope to see you there guys! Happy shopping!

I am PAULO and I love ZARA!

The Amazing Spiderman

The new movie for Spiderman will be out in 2 nights and 1 day time. Who's excited? Well, I am. Yes, I am a superhero fan. Marvel. DC Comics and stuff. Anyway, so about the Spiderman. SM YOUTH has released a shirt about TheAmazingSpiderman. Hmm... I think a good way to watch a movie is if you yourself is on it. I mean you are wearing a shirt like that of the movie. So I am inviting everyone to watch Spiderman on June 29 wearing one of these shirts.hahaha... I'll be getting one soon. Maybe tomorrow. So that if I'll be able to watch it on Friday at Trinoma or Greenbelt, my attire would be a spiderman-ish one. I hope to see others wearing it too. I'll take a picture if ever I see one. hahaha..

I am PAULO and let me be your Friendly Neighborhood Paulo.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Moves Like Jagger

In Philippines, the weather is very moody. The month of June must be a rainy weather but most times the heat of the sun is the highest power. It's not good, I know. So for me to be in a cool mode. I've decided to wear my singlet/vest/sando from Folded and Hung. I've always been a fan of Folded and Hung. For me this is one local brand that I can go in and out to always. They have nice cool collections. Then, I paired it with my black carrot cut pants with my Toms shoes. So that I can run or walk freely since I'm going to be the photographer for our project. :P

Hype my looks on lookbook:

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I am PAULO and I got the moves like jagger

Friday, June 22, 2012


O2  In chemistry subject, Oxygen is symbolized as such (just a fact). Actually, this post is about the classy edge of this clothing brand that I adore. If you are a the denim-ish type of person. You should be one of Oxygen's fans. They showcase a good quality set of clothes. I look into their collection as the casual classy versatile wear. And that's a very good thing. Because you can wear it anywhere... Like going to school then a sudden event came up. Your attire is considerable to wear on it. I hope you get what I mean.

Well, I just visited their store and saw great stuffs.

Here's their Facebook page for you to check on more from their store. And their website.

I am Paulo and let's breathe in with Oxygen.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

I'm Shoe In Love: Find Your Perfect Pair

Our feet bring us to places we want to go. Our feet help us to stand on our own. But there is no excuse that you will not wear something on it. They say if you have the right shoes you can conquer the world (not literally) and besides it's better to wear shoes while going places.

So now here's a treat to all the ladies and and of course for gents too.

 So better clear up your dates from June 30 to July 1 of 2012 as "I'm Shoe In Love" brings you the biggest shoe sale of the year at the NBC Tent, Fort Bonifacio Global City.

I am Paulo and let us conquer the world with our best shoes on.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Well, as we all know FOREVER 21 has been every teenage, young adult, adult girl's candy store. For some, it is also every teenage, young adult, adult boy's toy store.

For years, they have been making clothes that are fit to what we like. For years, they have been delivering us good quality clothes. For years, they have been making everyone smile. And here's another reason to smile to. They are having a SALE. On selected items you can have as much us 50 % off. Who wouldn't want that. It's great treat. And the promo runs from June 16 - July 31 of 2012. So grab your wallets and go!

You may visit their Facbook Page to see their uploaded images and look over what might you buy in their store. It's like an online window shopping.

I am Paulo and let's be young forever!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Wanna go places?

I know everyone wants to go places. Because that's one thing I have on my bucket list to go places. Travel the world. Explore what God has made for us.

The place that I want to visit most is England. When I hear the word English People what pops in my first is their good life. They have royalty in their place. And that's one thing that I admire to them. Also, their accent are admirable. hahaha... Well SM Youth has it. They've added a line of shirt that shows the culture of England. They've made tees with a print that shows what we can see in England. Here's a photo.

If you guys can't see the whole photo click it. Sorry haven't made changes for my blog. Maybe soon. Too busy to change the layout.

My personal favorite here is the last photo. The one with a printed LONDON word and a background of the place.

But that's not all there's more...

SM Youth and SM MensClub do not only offer England. They also have Tokyo, New York, and Paris.

Here one the first line my favorites are 3rd and 4th. While on the second is 3rd.
All are great though.

It's not done yet. They have more.

So these are the new added collection for SM Youth. Hope you like it guys. Visit their site.

I am Paulo and go grab one now. Hopefully, I could buy one soon. I kinda have a busy week right now. :(((

Sunday, June 17, 2012


So I went to the SM Men's Fashion show as you can see in my previous post. And I am wearing a white semi-skinny pants with my combat boots again. I topped it with my long sleeves Zara shirt. It's a very comfy outfit for me. And Zara is one of those brands I would love to share with everyone! It is unique, trendy and classy. First the weather is not so good. It's been raining and blowing strong winds. So the whole get up makes be prepared for what will happen. Next, is that it's an event friendly outfit. Meaning, it's not very simple for an event. And lastly, a lookbook-ish outfit is what I'm achieving in this post. Here's the HYPE! :D

I am Paulo and I'm on a versatile outfit.

A Father's Love

Being a superhero isn't easy. Will never be easy. You have lots of things to do. But what special thing about it is it saves you. As we all know, our father is our man of steel. He provides for us. He strengthens us. He saves us. This two things are difficult tasks to fulfill. But still, he keeps on achieving for his goal for his family. So may I thank my Dad for all those things and sorry for the wrong doings I've made. I know this may not be enough because you deserve more than this. I love you! I love you too! I love you most! I love you forever!

I am Paulo and HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

SM Men's Fashion Show

Ever since, I've been a fan of walking on a runway. I've been dreaming of walking along that aisle showcasing how I put on my clothes. It's like sharing what I know. Just a few hours ago, I got to watch SM Men's Fashion Show. Thanks to SM-Youth for putting me up in their guest list. The new line of clothes are great. I think they fit well on my likes. So here are some few photos from the show.

This is my personal favorite among the outfits shown.

After the show my friend and I got a chance to have few photos with the models and the host.

So here's my friend and her "boyfriend". hahahah!!!

Here's my picture with one of the hosts. She is the jolly one. Too bad, didn't get a photo with the other girl. I think she's australian. She's gorgeous and very thin. I think I have a crush on her. hahaha...

So I got also the chance to have a pic with my new mate. hahaha.. So Robbie Becroft is one of the models. I know him through blogging. He posts awesome looks and stuffs that's happening to his life. He gives advices and stuff on Photography, Modeling and more in his site. I wanted to ask him or interview him for certain things like Photography, Dressing Up, Modeling and stuff. Because aside from being a successful Thomasian Pharmacist one day, I have a passion for those things. Unfortunately, I think he's in a hurry and we are in a hurry as well. Well there's always next time. (Actually I want to be a model as well. hahaha...) And oh, don't forget to vote for him for the tattawards.

So it was indeed a wonderful day! Hahaha... Thanks to SM-Youth again for the guest list. And nicely done with the SM Fashion Show.

I am PAULO and I want to be a model! hahaha...


Wow! HP Philippines is making a great promo for us students. I'm using an old HP laptop which I think needs a replacement that's why I'm well aware and updated on HP Philippines at Facebook. So their promo goes like this, if you buy any participating HP laptop or desktop that could be your way to win the Php 150,000 for your education. It's great that HP Philippines is promoting education.

So guys if you are up to this? Go and check the nearest HP stores around you.

Just a question for HP Philippines, I wonder if HP ENVY 4t-1000 is already out here in the Philippines and if it is, is it part of the promo? hahaha... I really think it's an awesome laptop. In fact I made some thoughts about that. Click here.

I am Paulo and go for HP because they INVENT

Friday, June 15, 2012

Lookbook: We Are Young

Hello again guys! So as you can see my previous post is about ladies. Okay, now I'll be continuing with my outfit post and this is for the gents. Actually, it's been a while almost two weeks since I made one. So I hope I did make a good comeback.

So I'm wearing my baseball shirt from Rex Clothing. They have several different good styles. And I'm looking forward to buy another from their collection. I paired it with my brown chinos/carrot-cut -ish style. My combat boots for my feet. The weather is moody and these shoes are great for it. Why? Sometimes the sun is out sometimes not. So for those times that the sun isn't present and the rain is. These shoes are very handy. Okay, back to my outfit, I found this bone-ish style necklace somewhere. The store does not have a name as far as I remembered. hahaha... So voila, here's my we are young look. As you can see I chose that name because the whole get-up sends me a youth vibe. haha..

Oh well here's the picture and mind hyping my look? :D

I am Paulo and I feel young!

Give it a try

Since I've been posting men's fashion through my lookbook then incorporating it here. I wanna try posting for women. Just a pure experiment. So that I could help everyone. I don't have a model yet for this that's why I used pure pictures.

So, I'll be calling this look hippie indie American. The compiled photos are all from google images.

To explain this, the oversized long sleeved polo is worn with the american-flag-design mini shorts. Note: do not tuck it in. With that, use a skinny double belt around the waist part of the long sleeved polo to add body shape. Then I found this driver's flats (I think it's Tory Burch) for the shoes. Why not heels? I don't want to overdress you girls. hahaha... Then, add up some accessories. So I chose a feather necklace. Then bracelet with blings on it. So I can say the whole get-up is done but something came up on my mind. I asked myself would it be better if girls who will wear this should have a braided hair? And I agreed. SO voila, here's your complete look. Girls, I hope that I've made some help. Thank you for reading!

I am Paulo and what an experiment!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Post Birthday Gifts

Well, my birthday is actually May 23. Meaning, it's during summer days. So, I believe that those people who celebrate their birthdays during summer, do not receive much of material things like gifts from their classmates or friends (although they send you special unique messages from the phone or any social networking sites. And I appreciate that a lot.). But this crazy friends of mine, no matter how late, they will still make you special. They are the ones who will not go for never. One thing that's good with that is you'll never know when they will surprise you. And for me surprises are like my ice cream. It puts you a big smile on your face. And that deserves more than an appreciation and gratitude.

Again, thank you BOTANERDS!!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! :D

We must celebrate! :D

And another thing, thank you for this wonderful gifts and the messages!!!


...a friend like you is very hard to an alien... YOU ARE MY ALIEN. :'>

stay gwapo... :D

God bless you!!!

Last shot for the road!

I really like guys who are genial...

Passion for Fashion! Pa-autographt kapag sikat ka na ah :D :) :O

Awesome messages from my friends. very touching...

I am PAULO and I have LEGEN....wait for it...DARY FRIENDS!!! :D

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Gents, out there. Do you want an event that showcases us. Male Teenagers. Male YA. Bachelors. Well, SM Men's Fashion together with SMX will be making that possible. On June 15, 16 and 17 the first lifestyle event for men will be held. Good for us. There will be a lot of several different activities which I know we will enjoy. Like, fashion show, speed dating, face of the hour and more. And don't forget the on sale items. Just check out the photo below.

So gents, prepare your timetable and be part of the ALL FOR HIM event. Hopefully, I can go. haha... But, I assure that this event will be a blast.

I am Paulo and this is all for us.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

We are young

I'm still overwhelmed with WE ARE YOUNG by FUN. though it's been months of listening to this. I think this song is more on living life to the fullest. It's like enjoying yourself, living. With this song, it makes me want to be forever young. Maybe because the song is full of pure and young energy and basically life. So I can label this song as my Hype-song. Just like the word itself, it hypes me. It recharges my youth blood since I just turned 20. I know I don't look like 20. hahaha... They say I'm like 16 or 17. hahaha... Okay back to the topic... So let me share to 3 cover of the song.

This first video. I loved it because I can feel good vibes on it. The people on the cover, they are full of youth spirit. And that's what I like. Another thing is, they showcase how English and/or Aussie teenagers live.

Next, the videography of this song is what I like most. The indie feel and the hippie touch of the video. It's like my battery.

Lastly, this is the best cover I heard so far. Except from Glee's because that's not counted.

So I hope you've enjoyed what this random post is about.

I am Paulo and we are young!

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Perks of being a Wallflower

I have been fond of reading books. Perks has been one of my favorites. Not just because it's becoming or it's a status quo but because of it's body. It's content. It has this great insides wherein you get to go inside of it. I, as I was reading it, I felt like I was Charlie. Because everything that is happening to him is common to us teenager except the medicalproblem part. I am pertaining to the phrase trying/getting to fit in. In here you guys will learn lots of things: Live, Love, Enjoy!

So I am glad that a movie will be shown for this book. Because I know, not all teenagers read books like me. They rather watch it than spend hours going to a land of make-believe. I hope that many could see this movie because I know it will touch everyone's heart. I hope I am not wrong.

So here's the trailer.

I am Paulo and we are INFINITE.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Hunger Games

Well, I've been one of those people who are fond of the newly and brutal star-crossed lovers novel, which is The Hunger Games. So I've created an outfit for it. It might be late though but it's better than never.
Necklace from Cravemore.

So I wore sando/vest/singlet topped with ragged polo. An acid wash pants for bottoms then combat boots. To finish it, added the necklace.

I am Paulo and may the odds be ever in your favor.