Saturday, June 16, 2012


Wow! HP Philippines is making a great promo for us students. I'm using an old HP laptop which I think needs a replacement that's why I'm well aware and updated on HP Philippines at Facebook. So their promo goes like this, if you buy any participating HP laptop or desktop that could be your way to win the Php 150,000 for your education. It's great that HP Philippines is promoting education.

So guys if you are up to this? Go and check the nearest HP stores around you.

Just a question for HP Philippines, I wonder if HP ENVY 4t-1000 is already out here in the Philippines and if it is, is it part of the promo? hahaha... I really think it's an awesome laptop. In fact I made some thoughts about that. Click here.

I am Paulo and go for HP because they INVENT

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