Saturday, June 9, 2012

We are young

I'm still overwhelmed with WE ARE YOUNG by FUN. though it's been months of listening to this. I think this song is more on living life to the fullest. It's like enjoying yourself, living. With this song, it makes me want to be forever young. Maybe because the song is full of pure and young energy and basically life. So I can label this song as my Hype-song. Just like the word itself, it hypes me. It recharges my youth blood since I just turned 20. I know I don't look like 20. hahaha... They say I'm like 16 or 17. hahaha... Okay back to the topic... So let me share to 3 cover of the song.

This first video. I loved it because I can feel good vibes on it. The people on the cover, they are full of youth spirit. And that's what I like. Another thing is, they showcase how English and/or Aussie teenagers live.

Next, the videography of this song is what I like most. The indie feel and the hippie touch of the video. It's like my battery.

Lastly, this is the best cover I heard so far. Except from Glee's because that's not counted.

So I hope you've enjoyed what this random post is about.

I am Paulo and we are young!

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