Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Penny Skateboards

I don't skate and I don't even know how yet but would love to try and learn how to. And, I would like to start with 22" Penny Skateboards. I just find it cool and for me it's more convenient to have that one than a longboard so I can bring it anywhere I want. Yet, I don't know where to buy one here in the Philippines and I don't know what brand should I buy. So I searched the net and I only saw one brand of Penny Skateboards. I know there's more. If ever you know any please do tell me. Tell me also where to buy and how much. Or maybe you can gift me one or sponsor me since my birthday is coming.

I'm attracted to these colors of Penny Skateboards by the way.

This one is my top favorite.

 But anything purple or violet will do.

These colors will do as well:

For this photo of course purple and blue will do.



  1. Melrose Boardshop has Penny Boards ^^

  2. Aloha Boardsports is one of the authorized dealers of Penny Board here in PH. They have branches in SM Trinoma, MOA, Megamall.. Their Penny's, the 22" ones are around 4,600 and Nickels (27") are around 5,600. I got mine recently and im very happy with it and im telling you its kinda addicting. I started btw using a 22" board from Big H and yes, it's sturdy. But the original Penny is the best! :)

  3. a wide variety to choose I prefer blue