Monday, May 6, 2013

take pictures if not with a camera, with your mind...

Shirt | H&M
Pants | Oxygen
Eyeglasses | Forever21
Socks | Topman
Shoes | People Are People (K-bond)

Basically, most of you will think that I got the idea for my title from my shirt because it has a camera on it. Well, you are right! There's nothing that special about my attire. For me, it's like a casual Saturday review since I've been preparing a lot now for boards. In review classes, it's really important to wear something you are very comfortable with and you can move freely with it. So that you won't get distracted while listening to the one teaching you. And I'm think, that this one will do it. A simple printed shirt from H&M, pants from Oxygen. Wait! I just have to tell something about the pants that I'm wearing. It's a slim cut reversible pants. As you can see at the end of my pants, the folded part is of different color. That's the reversed side of the pants I'm wearing. And it's very affordable, mind you. Moving on, I paired my attire with a white socks from Topman with colorful things on it... can't really describe it... and lastly my shoes.

I am PAULO and ... those are MEMORIES.

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