Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Experimental Breakfast

Probably, you will be thinking what's happening on my blog. Why is there like some cooking/baking/making food stuff. Aside from those fashion things that I do, I love food and I love cooking as well. What I did is just simple. I have these snacks: Hello Panda, Oreo and Chips Ahoy. And normally, people would love to drink milk with these cookies because they are of perfect match. So I thought, I have this can of Bear Brand milk and these cookies, why not put them all together and make a wonderful breakfast making it like a cereal. After all, those cookies I've mentioned are really good and appetizing. Everyone loves those. They've been making children, teenagers, adult and even oldies happy. Also, Bear Brand has been in business for years and making their customers healthier with their milk. I guess, I don't have to put in some instructions on how to make this so called experimental breakfast. Just look at the photos below and voila!

I am PAULO and I LOVE to EAT!

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