Sunday, May 12, 2013


One thing good about having to follow a lot in instagram or twitter is that you discover things. Sometimes just plain dull things and sometimes extraordinary stuffs. Like this one! The brand name itself deserves how they are called. They really give us customers a high quality shirts, of good design and the feeling of being one of the elites yet with a very reasonable and affordable price. Actually, I've been seeing a few people wearing their clothes and it always catches my eyes for it really is majestic. Though, they are just tees with a pocket but the design of the pocket will tell something more about the shirt. I mean, it's damn beautiful! As well as with their printed button downs. I guess, I have to tell now their name. Let me introduce to you, the master, the king... Royalty. To make you believe what I'm saying better scroll down and see the pictures. Also, I put a link, just click it and you'll be directed to their facebook page. 

I am PAULO and we are part of the ROYALTY!

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