Sunday, April 13, 2014


Hello blog buddies! I'm featuring Bonobos right now for their new Spring Suit Collection. Bonobos is an apparel company that is based on city where people wear suits as if it's their own everyday wear, New York City. You can never go wrong wearing one in this city. Bonobos having been tagged as "One of America's Hottest Brands" by Advertising Age also "Best Men's Pants" by New York Magazine is a great factor in choosing which brand of Suit that you should wear. I guess you should take a look first. So keep scrolling down.

Yeah! I told you so. The minute I got to see the pictures from the files they sent me I was amazed by the design. From casual blazers to dapper look to formal dress, the whole collection is beautifully designed. It's like their are making suits for you to look in your best form something like preparing for your wedding.

By the way they have this amazing feature on their website, it's like a guideshop. You guys better check up on it. "Groomservice"

WEBSITE: Bonobos