Monday, April 21, 2014

Casual Ties

"How good it is to combine two wears - formal and casual."

Long Sleeves | H&M
Neck Tie | SM Accessories

So holy week is over. I hope you had a good time-off from those busy days you've had. A well deserved summer vacation and a well deserved cuddling and rolling over your sheets. Well I didn't. But it's okay since I still got to do my responsibility as a Catholic - Visita Iglesia.

About my outfit, I was told that wearing neck tie is too formal to be worn around people who wears casual clothes. Well I thought, "No, it's not!" So as a proof, I wore on a long sleeves put on a necktie plus jeans and sneakers. It's a half formal half casual which I'm loving. Plus a versatile outfit. Why so? If you are from school or work wearing this then you have an agenda like a buffet with friends therefore it's not an overdressed attire for you since it's perfect for such events. I think I'm talking too much. (haha) Better scroll down to see what I've been talking about.

I am PAULO and it's a lovely day!

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