Monday, May 19, 2014

Be Greater Than What We Suffer

"Be greater than what we suffer"

Button Down | Cotton On
Shorts | Uniqlo

I know all of you are on the brink of getting pissed off from this summer heat we are experiencing here in the Philippines. Dressing up something which will not let you sweat like hell is what everyone would love to. Of course there are ways, but there's no excuse of not getting dressed up properly. 

Well, wearing shorts is really a one thing during summer because it's relaxing since you are not all covered from waist down - Presko, as they say. And I like it pairing with a printed button downs. A tip, Cotton On has a lot of what I'm saying. And it's really comfortable to wear not like those other button downs which will sweat you out due to its fabric. Lastly, have a pair of loafers to complete a Dapperly-Summerish-Look.

I am PAULO and be GREATER!

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