Sunday, March 31, 2013

It's All Coming Back

I know. I know. It has been ages since my last outfit shot and I'm sorry. So here I am posting, I hope that this will be a nice comeback. By the way, I do hope also that you are having a nice and blessed holy week.

Camo Shirt (Flying Dutchman), Rucksack (Flying Dutchman), Bracelet (SM Accessories), Charms (Chinese Shop), Burgundy Pants (BenchTM), Shoes (Vans) Sunglasses (Forever21)

Yeah! Yeah! Camo may have been for soldiers but when it comes to wearing it, it's a good fashion style. It's like you are a fashion warrior. Oh no! I think this is so cheesy. Anyway, that's what I think. Then for rucksacks, that's one type of bag that can carry almost anything. It may be big or small yet it is a stylish bag.
 And good thing with these, Flying Dutchman has them. I went to their store and so a lot of great finds. Their summer collection is must see, must buy and must wear.

I am PAULO and I'M BACK!!!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Printed Button-Downs

Yes! I am a fan! Button-down prints are must-haves during these days. Most specially, summer is coming. Why invest with these type of things?

First, it's one of the best creations in fashion industry.
Second, with just the print... no more need to add up more stuffs to your self. The print will bring you to a good fashion sense.
Third, you will stand out and it's kind of a rare find.
Lastly, prints are still not out of fashion.

With that, I have searched through the web and compiled the button down prints that I loved.

Camo print is still in! Of course, Zara will give you the best.

A Topman animal print will bring you up too.

 Since it's summer, I guess florals would be nice to add up in this collection. This is from Run/Hide

 Another goody is a different color animal print. It's unique yet very stylish. So nice one for Kenzo.

Again, florals and this is from Saturdays Esquina.

  There is this a different kind of print as well. Your collar. It's nice huh?! You can get that from Raf Simons.
I actually, I would love to have this.

Lastly, a cartoon print. I dunno what's the brand but by just looking at Logan Lerman the print adds up a lot to his looks. And this is my favorite among all I posted. So if anyone who knows the brand of this button-down please contact me or leave a comment down there. Or I'd be happier if you can gift this to me readers.

I am PAULO and I like PRINTS!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Brighter Than The Sun

Summer is coming.

Looking for a nice outfit to showcase a good summer outfit? No more worries, one of the most sought out brands will be releasing their Summer collection tomorrow, March 15, 2013 Friday. Don't miss it because their new stuffs are awesome. Already saw it in their Facebook page. I think it brings out the best in wearing summer attire. So here are my favorites:

Get these at The Collective, 7274 Malugay St. Makati, City. TUES -SUN, 12nn-8pm.

See? Nice huh? I just love how the creative team of Flying Dutchman do such magnificent work. Everytime they present their collections, it's always a blast. A perfect brand for teenagers and young adults. Indeed, they been flying high.

Just like most fashion addicts, I would love to be a BRAND AMBASSADOR of Flying Duthman. I think it's really a good experience to be part of their team.


Tuesday, March 12, 2013


So I just checked my email and found out that I'm one of the finalist for SM YOUTH Prom King. Of course I got excited but then was sad too because I was late in finding it out. My competitors already have a lot of votes while I'm just starting. I hope you guys do find time in voting for me and spreading it. THANKS! With love!

You must like SM YOUTH and SM MEN'S FASHION page first.
Then go to my entry (King of Hearts), share and like. You can vote 3x a day until March 17, 2013.
 I am PAULO and I'm your KING OF HEARTS!