Thursday, October 8, 2015


Top | Fred Perry
Shoes | New Balance
Bag | Zalora
Sunglasses |

A lot of gentlemen nowadays young adult or not or even teenagers are already driving. And it is not an excuse to be on your daily pambahay or pangtulog even if you are just going for a drive-thru or something else. What if you need to suddenly get off your car and do something? Plus, it is courteous to be in a well mannered attire while driving, after all you are in a public place. So as that thought came in my mind, this is what I've combined.

A very good comfortable top is what you need. I chose  a top with collar so that you are in a classic casual wear anytime of the day. For the pants, you don't need to be on a very tight jeans - skinny. Why? Sometimes, for a long period of time, it makes you feel uncomfortable because of the tightness. And while driving, we need caution. So be in the best possible and comfortable pants just like those straight slim, slim or straight pants. Now let's get to the shoes. This is kind of a tricky part. I know others that feel very comfortable with just their flipflops on or bare-feet driving. For me, sneakers with good cushion inside is the best one to use in driving. Not only it's smooth, fluffy and comfortable inside, it also has its own taste of style. For the accessories, of course we don't want to forget our license so bring you wallet that has it inside. Then watch, for you to keep track on time inside and outside of your car and lastly, a bag. You need your bag for other things you need to bring; like maybe a jacket, extra pack of clothes, emergency kit (?) or something else.

So here's the thing, while browsing and checking on the combinations I made. I found out that Zalora will be having a raffle. And it's really amazing. Why? They have collaborated with Mazda. Drive for Fashion - it's the theme of their raffle. Join Mazda and Zalora at a Drive for Fashion and get a chance to win a brand new Mazda 2 Skyactiv R. It's chance for you to have a car and be stylish while driving it. Everyone may join by just following their MECHANICS. Will be joining too. So come and join with me. Good luck to us!

I am PAULO & good luck!

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  1. Do you have a review about the shop because they are all over the place when I searched online shop. I think they are like zalora because they have also a lot of nice clothes for men and women.