Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Zero Gravity MNL

So I was scrolling my timeline on Facebook. I saw this suggestion which caught me from viewing and visiting the page. And I believe that this must be blogged and introduced to many people. What I saw were these rucksacks on a single photo. As you may have know I am a fan of rucksacks. There is no particular reason for being a fan of this bag but what I know is, it can hold and support things one person needs to put in his/her bag plus a bonus of a good stylish bag. Enough with the introduction, what I am talking about is Zero Gravity MNL.

This brand is very dope! It has an edge of classic modern fashion. If you would be reading their brand description it says there:

"It thrives to add character to the everyday man through its quality, timeless pieces."

I think it really adds up character. For it is unique looking and I will emphasize again... DOPE! I think quality wise it's really of good one! And a timeless piece that will go on through years.  One last thing, they don't just specialize on bags, they do make clothes too. You better check them out. I'll be posting below where you can contact them. For now here are some photos.

I am PAULO and this is ZERO GRAVITY!

Monday, April 29, 2013


"Time is gold." Yeah it is, that's why watch is one fashion accessory that one shouldn't forget in his/her attire. For it will help you keep in track of the time. And of course, organization for yourself so that you'd meet the things that you should be doing for the day. Some people may say that one watch will do it. Some will not. But I can say together with Your Own Time that a single watch is enough for you to have millions of possibilities. How? Well, simple as changing the straps itself. You just have to mix and match the colors for the attire that you are wearing for you to be more stylish. And I think, it's really good to invest a watch like this. It's worth it.

For you to get some more ideas of what I am saying, here are some photos:

I am PAULO and this is POSSIBLE!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

If you have been visiting my page I guess you will see that I have my instagram (@thepaulodiaries) posted on the side. And these past few days, it's been a lot of OOTD posts because I'm not wearing uniform on my review classes but then I had a little break for one day... it's not actually a break I just wore the sporty me because I have to go to the gym after my class. But I'm not going to blog about that. What I will blog is how I was challenged to get back to the game. So the next day I wore something like this.

Tank Top | H&M
DIY Pants (before it was blue then did some changes) | Bench
Long sleeved button down | Bench
Feather Necklace | Cravemore
Bracelet | SM Accessories
Sunnies | Topman
Watch | Apple


Monday, April 22, 2013

Loving the Summer. I guess being colorful is one way to be really in a summer attire plus the stripes that you may incorporate in to your attire. Btw, this is a not so recent outfit shot but I don't care it's just a couple of weeks ago. Hahaha..  So I'm guessing, that my "Dope" look will be somehow inspiring to others. hahaha.. Hooray for another week!

Vintage Racer Jacket | Sasson Paris
Striped Tank Top | H&M
Ombre Pants | Markus SM Youth
Shoes | People Are People (K Bond)
Sunglasses | Men 21

I am PAULO and have a Great SUMMER!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Summer Blossoms

Tanktop/Vest/Singlet (Penshoppe), Printed Flora Shorts (Folded and Hung), Shoes (Native)

Told you that I will keep my blog updated. And here I go again. Who said that printed floral bottoms are not good for men. Well, that's wrong. It's for us men too. As long as you feel comfortable with it and you think that it suits you well... you got it! And with Summer season, I think you are very in just like flowers blossom every Summer.

Aside from that, let me tell you something about the shoes that I'm wearing which is from NATIVE. I think, it's good to invest something with this kind of shoes. Why? Because...it's very light, stylish and of good quality. Another is, when you are out and you are not sure of the weather this will be the kind of you shoes that you will want to wear. For, it's rubber meaning waterproof/water-resistant. No need to worry that your shoes might be broken because of the rain because Native Shoes will help you with that.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

ZALORA: Your No. 1 Fashion Destination

I know we Filipinos are used to shop in an outlet stores unlike other races they shop in an outlet store and they also do online shopping because it's kind of way easier for them. I think we Filipinos can do that to. I know, there's a problem about that and I think it's about trust. Need not worry because I think I found the best portal that will bring you to any destination you want with the utmost care and the one that you can trust.

What I mean is, if you want to go for Summer look... they have it, if you want Winter attire... most probably it's for sale or if you want to go Formal, they will give you formal. No matter what season, theme, attire you want they have the Fashion stuffs you need. Isn't that great?!

Well, I'm talking about ZALORA PHILIPPINES. You don't have to worry for your fashion and style anymore without getting tired of walking and walking, or going in and out of stores. With just a computer, internet connection, your power to choose and you money, you will have what you are craving for. Mind you, the payment procedures won't hurt you. It's easy. And, the things that you will see in their website are the ones that's in-style, good quality and affordable.

You just have to go to their website, browse, pick, buy and receive. That's all! Take note: Most of the time, the items that are on their website are on sale with great discounts. So you better search them now!

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I am PAULO and welcome to your BEST FASHION DESTINATION!