Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Zero Gravity MNL

So I was scrolling my timeline on Facebook. I saw this suggestion which caught me from viewing and visiting the page. And I believe that this must be blogged and introduced to many people. What I saw were these rucksacks on a single photo. As you may have know I am a fan of rucksacks. There is no particular reason for being a fan of this bag but what I know is, it can hold and support things one person needs to put in his/her bag plus a bonus of a good stylish bag. Enough with the introduction, what I am talking about is Zero Gravity MNL.

This brand is very dope! It has an edge of classic modern fashion. If you would be reading their brand description it says there:

"It thrives to add character to the everyday man through its quality, timeless pieces."

I think it really adds up character. For it is unique looking and I will emphasize again... DOPE! I think quality wise it's really of good one! And a timeless piece that will go on through years.  One last thing, they don't just specialize on bags, they do make clothes too. You better check them out. I'll be posting below where you can contact them. For now here are some photos.

I am PAULO and this is ZERO GRAVITY!

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