Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Summer Blossoms

Tanktop/Vest/Singlet (Penshoppe), Printed Flora Shorts (Folded and Hung), Shoes (Native)

Told you that I will keep my blog updated. And here I go again. Who said that printed floral bottoms are not good for men. Well, that's wrong. It's for us men too. As long as you feel comfortable with it and you think that it suits you well... you got it! And with Summer season, I think you are very in just like flowers blossom every Summer.

Aside from that, let me tell you something about the shoes that I'm wearing which is from NATIVE. I think, it's good to invest something with this kind of shoes. Why? Because...it's very light, stylish and of good quality. Another is, when you are out and you are not sure of the weather this will be the kind of you shoes that you will want to wear. For, it's rubber meaning waterproof/water-resistant. No need to worry that your shoes might be broken because of the rain because Native Shoes will help you with that.

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