Tuesday, October 30, 2012


As we all know people say that accessories have a major role in fashion industry because they help in making a plain look into something new and different. They also aid in making a stylish look achieve more varieties and definition. And SM Accessories supervise in that act, that's why on 11.16.2012 they are unveiling something new that is more of variety, definition and style. Mark your calendars and watch out.

More videos on their youtube account. Click here.

I am PAULO and the UNVEILING is soon.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Your hand fits in mine

I only have few pictures of this outfit post of mine because I was kind of busy with the event I'm with. I'm wearing shorts for a change since, it's been a while since you last saw me on my shorts (Penshoppe). I paired it with polo (Old Navy) since I'm on a gathering to make it a little casual looking. Just so you know guys, old navy is one brand from other country that I've grown with. My aunties and uncles used to give us clothes with this brand. So I know that this brand is of good quality and very comfortable. I can go with this as my everyday clothes. They may not be too stylish yet not out of fashion. Then lastly a very comfy shoes which is from Sperry. When it comes to boat shoes, sperry is the one you should look on. They make those in-style shoes that fits well on your feet with a bonus of no-pain-even-without-socks-on-it. Oh! I added also some bracelets (SM Accessories) so that the whole look won't look plain.

Here's the look, enjoy! Don't forget to hype... :D

For other brands named in this posts that I did not make comments with... I already did just browse my blog. It's there. Hope you like it. :D

I am PAULO and your hand do fit in mine.

Friday, October 26, 2012

The new IT color.

Neppy Sweat Shirt (UrbanIndustry), Long Sleeved Button Down Polo (RalphLauren), Colored Pants (Ssense), Heritage Fit Donkey Blazer (Topman), Watch (Swatch), Desert Boots (Marcs)

Out with the old. In with new. Good bye shades of gray. Hello BURGUNDY! It's holiday season and that's one thing why this color is very in. I think the color best suits the season. People may get the wrong impression that wearing this thing is kind of off but with just a little courage and your sense of fashion you can nail it.

I am PAULO and this is CLASS.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fashion Nerd

A few told me that I'm becoming a fashion nerd. Just like any nerd, an overly obsessive but in terms of fashion, but I think I'm just passionate about wearing who I think represents myself and wearing to inspire people and hopefully could make a difference out of this. So through my thinking and because of my new favorite color, I came up to an outfit which I can proudly call the... Fashion Nerd.

It's obvious that my new favorite color is burgundy. But I'll talk more about burgundy on my next blog post. Promise! 'cause, this is something else. It's me and my experimenting mind. And oh, I think I want to change my blog name into THE PAULO LABORATORY or THE PAULO LAB. (Readers, tweet it to me @thepaulodiaries if you agree or not. Thanks for the cooperation).

So the base color is burgundy. That's why the pants (H&M) is in that color. Then, I want it simple but turning it into something worth it. So that's the reason for a simple roll up white shirt with pocket (TOPMAN). Now, for the worth it part...for the foot wear, distressed combat boots (JEFFREY CAMBELL). I think they make good combat shoes. Then, for accessorizing: as you can see the burgundy bandana is folded in that way because that will be placed on your head particularly on your forehead (that's for the rugged look part). Next, you have to put eyeglasses to achieve the "Nerd" thingy. I chose a two of vintage clubmaster eyeglasses from RAY BAN. Just so you know guys, it's their 75th Birthday so let's greet them a "HAPPY AND BLESSED BRITHDAY RAY BAN!" Indeed, 75 years of good service. And 75 years of bringing out the best in you. So NEVER HIDE your real you. :D
Okay back to the topic, multi strand leather bracelet. You can get them from any accessory store but I suggest SM ACCESSORIES, they have a lot and good looking stuffs. But this next accessory is not from SM, instead from CRAVEMORE, it's remarkably right to include it to this outfit because it's really worth to put on. It's unique, hip and stylish. And lastly, because I love THE VAMPIRE DIARIES (A hit epic series) so much. I wanted the whole outfit to have any of those Salvatore Ring (I don't know where to buy one, been wanting this since I saw those rings). It's vintage. Everyone loves vintage!

So that's it. I think this is by far the most promotional-oriented blog post. Still, no worries, because combining them together looks really worth it. I hope you like it guys. Feel free to send me photos of yourself wearing this. Don't forget, you can improve this if you want.


Sunday, October 21, 2012

I'll save you in a heartbeat (Thesis Defense)

This is a late outfit posts because the whole thing happened last week. It was my thesis defense day. A big day for us graduating students. I will not elaborate what it is about because this is an outfit posts. By merely looking at the pictures below, it's obvious that we were asked to wear corporate attire. So I came up with that look. I went over a pink long sleeved button-down polo from PaulSmith. It's a body fit, mind you. Then I paired it with a violet necktie. Then midnight blue slacks with some detailed stripes from MainStreet. For the shoes, I chose my Aldo shoes. Aldo is one of those footwear brands that I love because it's very comfortable on your feet. Lastly, accessories... vintage leather watch from MSense and my rosary bracelet.

I am PAULO and I will really save you in a HEARTBEAT.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Colored Pants

I know that we are surrounded with different colors. Just like in fashion industry, colors give variety to a particular cloth, no matter what shade it is. That's why, pants are incorporated with colors. Even before, colored pants have been one of those worn attire because it gives details in what you wear. Even if it is plain jeans, skinny jeans, chinos, slacks, corduroy... any type.

Here below are some brands that shows colored pants:

 Cotton On
Forever 21

As you can see, those above are imported brands and it's no doubt that they are of good quality and good design. But of course, our Philippine local brands have them too which as well make good quality clothes.

Folded and Hung

I am Paulo and I love colored pants.

Friday, October 19, 2012


Talking about real innovative ideas, I guess this product is the real deal when it comes to that. This is an upcoming tablet made by Microsoft and I'm guessing this will kick asses once it's out. Looking at it's design, it's sleek, beautifully designed and very portable. You can carry it anywhere you want to go. And for me as a blogger, carrying a tablet like this with a very thin keyboard which also serves as a cover is a great deal because you can create your posts anywhere you want with a real keyboard. Not only for blogging, I think it will help us students as well. No need to carry your bulky laptops, with just Surface, I think this will do most specially in your MS Office-related works/reports/projects. So this Surface will be out into two versions: Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro. Cool huh?!

Oh btw, get ready on October 26 as they launch the new Windows 8 and MS Surface. 

It's really a must to put these to your WANTS. And so I will. :D

I am PAULO and with SURFACE you can See more, Share more and Do more.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

PFW: Spring Summer 2013

The time has come for the much awaited event for all the fashion gurus out there. Being able to attend this event is indeed a good experience because you get to see what fashion really is. And you get ideas on what will be the next trend. So if you want to attend this event here's the schedule:

And here's a big catch, you may get tickets if you are one of those lucky picks. Just register on their webpage.

I am PAULO and I'm EXCITED for this.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fifth Code

First of all, join me in greeting Fifth Code for their 2nd Anniversary. Have a good one! Fifth code is a fashion line that creates ready-made blazers which they designed themselves. They also go for custom-made. Their collection are not just those typical kind of thing, they are unique, great, classy and very stylish. So if you would want something that will make you stand out this is the one for you. Not only that, the blazers they sell can go for casual, semi-formal or formal...It's versatile. Great huh?!

The idea of this thing came from a teenager named Lorenz Namalata. I think he is a very talented lad. Cheers to him.

Email: fifthcode@gmail.com


Monday, October 15, 2012

Fueled for UST (10.11.12) & MINT

If you would look at the title yes this has something to do with the UST vs. ADMU Game 2. It's an outfit post. We were asked to wear yellow to support our school in Game 2. Though we've lost, I'm still a proud Thomasian. Why? They gave a big great fight. So congratulations to both teams.

For our outfit posts. When I heard that we would be wearing yellow, I got excited since it's a day off from our uniform. Then, I thought it will be great if I will wear a Thomasian shirt. But due to public demand, the one that I want isn't available anymore. If you are curious what it is... that's the baseball shirt that has a "Tigers" writing on it. Because I thought it would be a good lookbook posts. But unfortunately, that did not happen. So I came up with this.

black and yellow plaid (Mint), Watch (SM Accessories), Pants (Penshoppe), Singlet/Sando/Vest (Penshoppe), Eyeglasses (Tomato)

Let me just say something about Mint since I've already given some thoughts about those other brands just browse my page. So Mint, as a local brand, I think what they have in stores are our everyday or school clothes. I think that's good because you will get good stuffs in a single store. I think as local brand they should also be part of those most known, just an opinion. So they should make some more noise. And oh btw, they are part of the Fashion Week on the 23rd of October. You have to go guys for you to check on their new collections. To avail the ticket purchase P1,000 for 1 ticket & P1,500 for 2 tickets from their store and voila.

I am PAULO and GO USTe!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I know. I know. It's been a while since I made an actual blog post featuring stuffs. It's our Finals week that's why. But still, I made time to make one. So for my comeback, a great local brand is definitely worth it to make a post about.

Talking about youth fashion regarding a local brand from the Philippines, I can say that OxygenTM is one of those that showcases the most followed fashion trends from UKFashion or NYFashion. Their collections are full of youth vibe and it makes you feel free. It shows who you really are. They are one of those brands that you get comfortable with and you get to be loyal with. Seeing their collection will make you drool if that's the right word. For a very reasonable price you get to be hip, fresh and young. Lastly, their clothes can be lined up or can compete to those other imports.That's a mind you.

So below are the campaign posters for Oxygen. If you've been wanting for more you can check out their sites posted after the photos. Enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed it. One thing is for sure. I want to be a brand ambassador of Oxygen if given a chance. 

I am Paulo and make the world your own runway.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Shining Through

So my brother just had his graduation as a Flight Attendant at Philippine Airlines. PAL is our country's flag carrier and has been giving us a good service for years. It been months of training for my brother and luckily he passed it. Okay, no need for explanations just look at the pictures. And just so you know, their batch organized the whole event. Everything on it. Props, foods and more...

Of course an event like this comes with an opportunity of an outfit post. For this post, I made it look like a real semi-formal/formal-casual. Formal on top and kinda casual at the bottom. You can do that. It's fun doing experiments and combining stuffs. So here it goes:

Black Long Sleeves Polo (Penshoppe), Vest (Paul Smith)

I am Paulo and  CONGRATULATIONS ICCT 1204!

Monday, October 1, 2012

The Wallflower

Gradient Shirt (Tee Culture/SM Youth), Fedora Hat (SM Accessories), Necklace (SM Accessories), Bracelet (SM Accessories), Pants (Folded and Hung), Shoes (Converse), Bag (Denim Dimensions)

I know you might get the idea and yes I just saw Perks of Being A Wallflower. I read the book years ago and while reading it is indeed an infinite moment. If you haven't read it, you should. And you should also watch the movie. It's amazingly done. It is a must read book. Most specially, to all the teenagers. It will help you grow and give you lessons that someday you will use.

The gradient shirt is not actually like that... I rearrange that shirt by cutting the ends of it. If you want to know more about it then read here.

About the bag, it's from Denim Dimensions. Found out that they are selling real unique good stuffs. So if you are up to something like that you better get your own denimdimensions. Another, it's very affordable, trendy, hip and good quality.

And please do watch out for my entry on the Search for SM YOUTH Campus Icon. Voting starts on October 15.  For the meantime go to their FB page, like it and enjoy.