Sunday, October 21, 2012

I'll save you in a heartbeat (Thesis Defense)

This is a late outfit posts because the whole thing happened last week. It was my thesis defense day. A big day for us graduating students. I will not elaborate what it is about because this is an outfit posts. By merely looking at the pictures below, it's obvious that we were asked to wear corporate attire. So I came up with that look. I went over a pink long sleeved button-down polo from PaulSmith. It's a body fit, mind you. Then I paired it with a violet necktie. Then midnight blue slacks with some detailed stripes from MainStreet. For the shoes, I chose my Aldo shoes. Aldo is one of those footwear brands that I love because it's very comfortable on your feet. Lastly, accessories... vintage leather watch from MSense and my rosary bracelet.

I am PAULO and I will really save you in a HEARTBEAT.

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  1. I think having a nice appearance can certainly help people to feel comfortable when it’s time to defense thesis. Anyway, how was your thesis abstracts defense? I hope everything went well with your defense so that your outfit wouldn’t be in waste.