Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fashion Nerd

A few told me that I'm becoming a fashion nerd. Just like any nerd, an overly obsessive but in terms of fashion, but I think I'm just passionate about wearing who I think represents myself and wearing to inspire people and hopefully could make a difference out of this. So through my thinking and because of my new favorite color, I came up to an outfit which I can proudly call the... Fashion Nerd.

It's obvious that my new favorite color is burgundy. But I'll talk more about burgundy on my next blog post. Promise! 'cause, this is something else. It's me and my experimenting mind. And oh, I think I want to change my blog name into THE PAULO LABORATORY or THE PAULO LAB. (Readers, tweet it to me @thepaulodiaries if you agree or not. Thanks for the cooperation).

So the base color is burgundy. That's why the pants (H&M) is in that color. Then, I want it simple but turning it into something worth it. So that's the reason for a simple roll up white shirt with pocket (TOPMAN). Now, for the worth it part...for the foot wear, distressed combat boots (JEFFREY CAMBELL). I think they make good combat shoes. Then, for accessorizing: as you can see the burgundy bandana is folded in that way because that will be placed on your head particularly on your forehead (that's for the rugged look part). Next, you have to put eyeglasses to achieve the "Nerd" thingy. I chose a two of vintage clubmaster eyeglasses from RAY BAN. Just so you know guys, it's their 75th Birthday so let's greet them a "HAPPY AND BLESSED BRITHDAY RAY BAN!" Indeed, 75 years of good service. And 75 years of bringing out the best in you. So NEVER HIDE your real you. :D
Okay back to the topic, multi strand leather bracelet. You can get them from any accessory store but I suggest SM ACCESSORIES, they have a lot and good looking stuffs. But this next accessory is not from SM, instead from CRAVEMORE, it's remarkably right to include it to this outfit because it's really worth to put on. It's unique, hip and stylish. And lastly, because I love THE VAMPIRE DIARIES (A hit epic series) so much. I wanted the whole outfit to have any of those Salvatore Ring (I don't know where to buy one, been wanting this since I saw those rings). It's vintage. Everyone loves vintage!

So that's it. I think this is by far the most promotional-oriented blog post. Still, no worries, because combining them together looks really worth it. I hope you like it guys. Feel free to send me photos of yourself wearing this. Don't forget, you can improve this if you want.


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