Monday, October 29, 2012

Your hand fits in mine

I only have few pictures of this outfit post of mine because I was kind of busy with the event I'm with. I'm wearing shorts for a change since, it's been a while since you last saw me on my shorts (Penshoppe). I paired it with polo (Old Navy) since I'm on a gathering to make it a little casual looking. Just so you know guys, old navy is one brand from other country that I've grown with. My aunties and uncles used to give us clothes with this brand. So I know that this brand is of good quality and very comfortable. I can go with this as my everyday clothes. They may not be too stylish yet not out of fashion. Then lastly a very comfy shoes which is from Sperry. When it comes to boat shoes, sperry is the one you should look on. They make those in-style shoes that fits well on your feet with a bonus of no-pain-even-without-socks-on-it. Oh! I added also some bracelets (SM Accessories) so that the whole look won't look plain.

Here's the look, enjoy! Don't forget to hype... :D

For other brands named in this posts that I did not make comments with... I already did just browse my blog. It's there. Hope you like it. :D

I am PAULO and your hand do fit in mine.

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