Sunday, October 7, 2012

Shining Through

So my brother just had his graduation as a Flight Attendant at Philippine Airlines. PAL is our country's flag carrier and has been giving us a good service for years. It been months of training for my brother and luckily he passed it. Okay, no need for explanations just look at the pictures. And just so you know, their batch organized the whole event. Everything on it. Props, foods and more...

Of course an event like this comes with an opportunity of an outfit post. For this post, I made it look like a real semi-formal/formal-casual. Formal on top and kinda casual at the bottom. You can do that. It's fun doing experiments and combining stuffs. So here it goes:

Black Long Sleeves Polo (Penshoppe), Vest (Paul Smith)

I am Paulo and  CONGRATULATIONS ICCT 1204!

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