Thursday, May 31, 2012


Students prepare your school ID and your Registration Form. It may not be that big but it's still an advantage for us. Topman is having their 10% sale for us. So you know now what to do.

Promo starts tomorrow June 1 to June 30, 2012. Enjoy!

I am Paulo and go for TOPMAN!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Getwear: Be your own designer

Maybe most of us wanted to be our own designer. Most of us wanted to wear who we are. In that case you have to take risks creating your own stuff. You have to stand up for what you can do and embrace it.

So I saw this webpage where you can create your own and then be able to sell it. It got my attention for I wanna design my own as well. And somehow be able to share it to others. As I stand for the thought "Be Yourself", I am hoping that people who would buy whatever I created wouldn't be anymore afraid of showing their real selves. With this, I believe I can create whatever's on my will which is on the said thought and inspire people.

Here's the Getwear page. Click ME.

So it's here's my first design from getwear. Hope you could check it out and buy it as well. hahaha...

I am Paulo and for those aspiring designers go getwear!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Baby Drago

So it was yesterday May 27, 2012 to be exact was when we welcomed my nephew to the Catholic World. Why Drago? As far as I know, my cousin and his wife named him as such because he is year of the dragon. So that's it. It's a very cool name for me.

It is not an excuse to be not in a proper attire, when you are welcoming a baby. So, I tried to come up with an angel-ish look. So I wore a light blue denim-ish long sleeves polo with paisley design. Then a khaki pants. Boat shoes for your feet. and a feather necklace from cravemore to achieve the angel look. but fallen angel. :D

I am Paulo and I have fallen.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Shapes and Curves

So what I'm wearing on this is a random pick.. I closed my eyes to choose which shirt pants and shoes.. and poof.. fit well.. then i added the eyeglasses so that it won't look pale.

Shirt from FnH

Pants from Bench (Bruno Mars edition)

Shoes from Converse

Eyeglasses from Rayban

I am Paulo and this is how random I can be.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Elites' Call Me Maybe

Have you ever wonder what do the Gossip Girl-ish characters do? Maybe few of your thoughts is drinking wine on their unit's terrace? Or maybe pampering themselves to be more of the beauties. Or maybe going to the malls buy clothes and stuff. Or maybe hang out everynight at bars. But here in the Philippines which is definitely more fun is different. You see, they are those guys who are very down to Earth. Who have the fun side. Who are ready to go crazy with their spare time.

So here you go guys. Watch the elites do those crazy antics, LOL face and see how fun to be with them.

They may have mimicked or copied the one Ashley Tisdale and company did but still I find happiness with what they are doing. And we are in a free country so we can.

I am Paulo and I want to be friends with them. Because I think it's fun to be with them. No dead air.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tips for UST Freshies

To my fellow Thomasians.

This girl is epically amazing. A supergirl that will help you guys. So here's a headstart for you freshies so that you won't get lost or whatnot. So listen to your ate incoming freshmen Thomasians.

Btw, I'm from faculty of Pharmacy.

I am PAULO and welcome schoolmates! :D

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Black Out

V-Neck shirts. That's one thing I'm into. Even just a plain v-neck will do. Just like what I'm wearing right now. I wore this for my internship then head home and now will be going to a mall to watch a movie. See how v-neck's can be versatile.

Since it's black. I borrowed my sissy's hot pink strap for this ipod. It looks good to see black and hot pink collaborate together.

Friday, May 18, 2012


There are those moments when you need to reflect and feel like you want to be closer to God. And this moment I had just a few hours ago is one of those.

So I was invited by my best friends to join them. I did approved of the invitation and have no idea where are we heading to. My first thought was they're gonna have a surprise part for me since my birthday will be on the 23rd of May. But it's not.

Well this is actually a new place for me. VICTORY. A place filled with youth that has passion and great faith with God. Everywhere I look, there are these children of God shouting out of Joy in the name of our Lord God. Honestly speaking, I did have goosebumps in every minute that my presence was there. So here you get to reflect, listen, realize, be closer to God and know him more.

Also, I have to mention the greatness of the Pastor... Mr. Ryan Tan.

I am thankful that my friends invited me in. Cause I needed it. Also my deepest gratitude to God. AMEN!

So here are the pictures during my stay. Sorry for the poor quality because it was a last minute invitation and I came from my internship. Meaning I didn't get the chance to get my camera and change.


I am Paulo and I found God in an amazing place.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

more fun in the philippines

So I've been a fan of the new slogan for Philippine Tourism and this day while I was looking for clothes to wear found my folded and hung shirt with a Philippine Map on it. Then the slogan popped in to my mind. And poof came with this outfit.
I am Paulo and it's really more fun here in the Philippines.

A Mother's Love

Having the most difficult job in the world isn't easy. You've been our angel, doctor, teacher, defender and so much more. And all that you do is to give us unconditional love. So a simple thank you isn't enough. But allow me to give you my deepest gratitude for all the things you did/gave to me and sincerest apology for all the wrong doings I made. I love you! I love you too! I love you most! I love you forever! ♥
I am Paulo and Happy Mother's Day Everyone

Saturday, May 12, 2012

the pompadour

I've been scanning several photos on the internet which new hairstyle should I have. I always look at those hairdo wherein male models use when they walk into a catwalk. Which they call pompadour-fauxhawk. And that's my goal. I needed also to have my hair cut. So I went to go at Bang's Tony and Jackey at SM San Lazaro.
Before my regular stylist was Ms. Jenice. Unfortunately, she's gone. Went back to her hometown. So I asked for a new one. Someone who is good in doing such haircuts and style for male. They gave me Sir Seven Lee. I handed him the photo that shows the hair I want to be done with mine. He then suggested a perm-ish/i forgot what's it called. It's a different kind of perming as far as I know. He recommended so that I won't be having troubles at morning when styling my hair. In short, it's like wash and wear.
Waited for 2 hours. It's nicely done. Oh no not nicely perfectly. Why? Because while I was paying Seven Lee checked on me he asked for a couple of seconds because he's going to fix something. I can say he is a PROFESSIONAL and quite a perfectionist which is good also.
My hair is not yet at its proper style and I look so bored.
 I look tired... sorry this was taken while having my internship. :D

I am Paulo and I like POMPADOUR.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

HP Envy 4t series

So I lied. I said I'd be having my next review of laptop for Mac but looks like I will not. Maybe next time. What stopped me from doing so? The new HP Envy 4t series.
I know my last post is bout the HP Envy 15 and this one is also but a different version. A better one I think (for me). HP came up with an ultra light (4lb/1.75kg) Envy that they call 4t series. It is also named as HP Envy Sleekbook because of it's thinness (19.8 mm) ).And a 14" (diagonal) Brightview high-definition LED screen plus a bonus of Beats speakers.
Based on its design: more elegant than the Envy 15 because of its midnight black or natural silver metallic design with a velvety red color on the side and take note a slip-resistant base.
Why this? For me it's student-friendly and blogger-friendly due to the fact that it is thin and light wherein you can place it inside your bag in an instant. In short very portable for me.
If you have read my previews post both almost have the same qualities but again I like this better.
Pricewise: affordable for this kind: based on HP Website starting at $599.99.
Product overview
Actually they just posted this just yesterday. hahaha... And I really like want this. But still have to earn money for this. :((( HP sponsor me/gift me one.. hahaha :P
I am Paulo and this is a must-have.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

HP Envy 15

Since my battery laptop is broken, I browsed the net for the cost of the battery. But, I ended up looking over several different laptops. What caught my attention was the HP Envy 15.

Personally, I use my laptop for my school. So more on paper works; that means I type a lot. Which makes sense because HP Envy 15's keyboard is one of those comfy keyboards that everyone would want. It has a Full-size Radiance backlight. I thought, I needed it not only for my school works but for my blog.

Next, whenever I have free time I use my laptop to watch movies on it. And also every time I review my lessons, often, I need music so I play my songs on my laptop and beat the stereo on. And this HP Envy has it. The 15.6" diagonal HD BrightView LED-backlit Display (1366x768) / diagonal Radiance Full HD Infinity LED-backlit Display (1920 x 1080) is a best fit. Add up a beats attached stereo for your super sound.

Then the design. It's very elegant. It might look like a mac but it has its own uniqueness. (if I have to choose for Mac{which I will identify on my next review about laptop soon} or this HP... I'd go for both. haha... I like them both. They have their own style that entices me.)

Price-wise, having this for $1,099.99 (about Php 47,000-50,000) is a good offer.

So above all I want this. And I will give this a 4 out 5 stars. Hopefully, I will have this. Cause for the mean time I have to go search, order then buy my laptop's battery. There's even more to share. So if I were you, I would really buy this. Actually, there's more Envy series but for a teenager like me and a student blogger. This Envy 15 is good enough. But given a chance I want the Envy 17 3D.

I am Paul and I envy those who have this HP Envy 15

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Wrong Turn

Summer is fun! And a little get-away from the city is fun. But what should you wear? Summer = heat so wear something fresh-feel clothes. Here's an example of what I wore when we had a get-away.
striped Vest/Singlet/Sando with a little pocket from penshoppe.
shorts from Bench.
shoes from TOMS. - not so heavy flats which is a versatile footwear.
fedora hat from SM Accessories. - protection for your hair from the sun and for coolness
wayfarer shades from TOPMAN. - for the bright rays of the sun
iwatch/ipod from Apple. - to keep in track with the time
I am Paulo and I'm loving the summer.