Saturday, May 12, 2012

the pompadour

I've been scanning several photos on the internet which new hairstyle should I have. I always look at those hairdo wherein male models use when they walk into a catwalk. Which they call pompadour-fauxhawk. And that's my goal. I needed also to have my hair cut. So I went to go at Bang's Tony and Jackey at SM San Lazaro.
Before my regular stylist was Ms. Jenice. Unfortunately, she's gone. Went back to her hometown. So I asked for a new one. Someone who is good in doing such haircuts and style for male. They gave me Sir Seven Lee. I handed him the photo that shows the hair I want to be done with mine. He then suggested a perm-ish/i forgot what's it called. It's a different kind of perming as far as I know. He recommended so that I won't be having troubles at morning when styling my hair. In short, it's like wash and wear.
Waited for 2 hours. It's nicely done. Oh no not nicely perfectly. Why? Because while I was paying Seven Lee checked on me he asked for a couple of seconds because he's going to fix something. I can say he is a PROFESSIONAL and quite a perfectionist which is good also.
My hair is not yet at its proper style and I look so bored.
 I look tired... sorry this was taken while having my internship. :D

I am Paulo and I like POMPADOUR.

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