Thursday, May 10, 2012

HP Envy 4t series

So I lied. I said I'd be having my next review of laptop for Mac but looks like I will not. Maybe next time. What stopped me from doing so? The new HP Envy 4t series.
I know my last post is bout the HP Envy 15 and this one is also but a different version. A better one I think (for me). HP came up with an ultra light (4lb/1.75kg) Envy that they call 4t series. It is also named as HP Envy Sleekbook because of it's thinness (19.8 mm) ).And a 14" (diagonal) Brightview high-definition LED screen plus a bonus of Beats speakers.
Based on its design: more elegant than the Envy 15 because of its midnight black or natural silver metallic design with a velvety red color on the side and take note a slip-resistant base.
Why this? For me it's student-friendly and blogger-friendly due to the fact that it is thin and light wherein you can place it inside your bag in an instant. In short very portable for me.
If you have read my previews post both almost have the same qualities but again I like this better.
Pricewise: affordable for this kind: based on HP Website starting at $599.99.
Product overview
Actually they just posted this just yesterday. hahaha... And I really like want this. But still have to earn money for this. :((( HP sponsor me/gift me one.. hahaha :P
I am Paulo and this is a must-have.

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