Friday, May 18, 2012


There are those moments when you need to reflect and feel like you want to be closer to God. And this moment I had just a few hours ago is one of those.

So I was invited by my best friends to join them. I did approved of the invitation and have no idea where are we heading to. My first thought was they're gonna have a surprise part for me since my birthday will be on the 23rd of May. But it's not.

Well this is actually a new place for me. VICTORY. A place filled with youth that has passion and great faith with God. Everywhere I look, there are these children of God shouting out of Joy in the name of our Lord God. Honestly speaking, I did have goosebumps in every minute that my presence was there. So here you get to reflect, listen, realize, be closer to God and know him more.

Also, I have to mention the greatness of the Pastor... Mr. Ryan Tan.

I am thankful that my friends invited me in. Cause I needed it. Also my deepest gratitude to God. AMEN!

So here are the pictures during my stay. Sorry for the poor quality because it was a last minute invitation and I came from my internship. Meaning I didn't get the chance to get my camera and change.


I am Paulo and I found God in an amazing place.

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