Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Elites' Call Me Maybe

Have you ever wonder what do the Gossip Girl-ish characters do? Maybe few of your thoughts is drinking wine on their unit's terrace? Or maybe pampering themselves to be more of the beauties. Or maybe going to the malls buy clothes and stuff. Or maybe hang out everynight at bars. But here in the Philippines which is definitely more fun is different. You see, they are those guys who are very down to Earth. Who have the fun side. Who are ready to go crazy with their spare time.

So here you go guys. Watch the elites do those crazy antics, LOL face and see how fun to be with them.

They may have mimicked or copied the one Ashley Tisdale and company did but still I find happiness with what they are doing. And we are in a free country so we can.

I am Paulo and I want to be friends with them. Because I think it's fun to be with them. No dead air.

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