Tuesday, April 24, 2012

back to elementary days

So yesterday, I went to visit my former school, BettBien Montessori. It's been like years since I my last step there. I was lucky to see the owners. We talked about random things. Like how's college and also how I'm into photography now. It's fun to talk with them.

This is my picture with the principal and my Lola. I used to call her Ms. Joy. haha..

Now for my outfit, I just wore my collage shirt and my pants. The pants I'm wearing is originally blue. I made a little experiment; soaked it into bleaching liquid for 2 days. Then voila a dirty white pants.

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I'm Paul and it's good to go back once in a while.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

give your heart a break

So my youngest brother and I are bored so we made some photoshoot around our garden. Well actually we went at our Ninong and Ninang's place to visit and bring something. Then we got home early. So to kill time this is what we did.
Then for my attire, I have a topman shirt. It's like a simple striped shirt. I paired it with my vintage-ish pants from folded and hung. Then add up eyeglasses form topman again and my necklace that has a camera pendant which is also vintage looking. Lastly I just wore my boat shoes.
If you are not so into Sando or Vest or Singlets for summer you can have this. Because somehow it is refreshing.
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I am Paul and I am bored.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

if you're SEXY and you know it CLAP you're hands

Statement shirts are on of those that I like. But not my favorites. Why? Because it tells how/what you feel. (Just choose the appropriate one: this is from Penshoppe). And it's very easy to pair with your bottoms (mine is from Maldita Men). You can wear it with shorts or pants. I chose shorts because it's summer. So here, hype and fan. Sorry for this short review. Have to do something else. Anyway enjoy yourselves!

I'm Paul and I'm sexy so I'm clapping my hands now.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

I know most of us believe that this is an unfortunate day. But, for me and for few others it isn't. It is upto us whether our day will be productive or less. It is us who control our future. Just saying.
So, fortune comes to us with our own action. And to make it luckier, add up faith and prayers.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Summer Feast

I guess every Filipino knows that Summer is the season for Feasts. It's been a tradition here in the Philippines. Every corner you'll see everyone enjoying themselves. Whether they are just watching, playing, eating or traveling. Anything. It's one of our most popular traits. Filipinos are the happiest people.

So my this attire that I'll be presenting showcases two things. Summer and Feast. Why? Summer is a hot season. So we wear those cool-ish clothes that we have like sleeveless, singlets, vests/sando (from folded and hung)...paired with shorts. Then to accessorize, add up sunglasses and hat. Then feast, because... here in Philippines in every banquet you'll see decorations of triangular colorful cut-out plastics hung everywhere. Just like the design on my attire.

actually i posted this on my lookbook: http://lookbook.nu/look/3322511-Summer-Feast

I am Paul and welcome Summer Vacation!

Saturday, April 7, 2012



“CHACE!” a soft voice with a hum of crying spoke.

I looked back and it was Selena my best friend with watery eyes. “Why?! Any problem? Come have a seat; I have my ear for you.” I said to her while she interrupted me from my daydreaming at the rooftop of our school building. “We are not in good terms again”, she whispered as she shed tears once more. I held her head to my shoulder and told her to let everything out as I listen and try absorbing her pain inside. She was in real pain because of so many times they are in conflict. I told her to try humbling herself then go talk to Cody (though it was Cody’s fault…damn boyfriend). The bell rang so we got down from the rooftop and went to our room. While on the stairway, she told me that she will follow my advice and said “Thanks a ton” which made my cheeks pink yet she did not notice it.

After dismissal, Selena and I parted ways because she will talk to Cody. I decided to go home with Sam, my buddy, who knew that I’m in love with Selena ever since. He knew all the secrets I could never tell to anybody. Sam had a problem too like Selena. In his case, his girlfriend cheated on him. Despite the fact that I’m single since birth, I knew how to handle love problems so again I listened to him and advised him. Consequently, it is what a buddy does – to comfort a friend in pain.

I got home thinking of my best friends’ problems – if it would be solved by the end of the day. Before I opened the gate of our house, our neighbors were skirmishing. I tried to stop them because I thought nothing would be mislaid if I would attempt and to avoid the harm between them. I listened to both sides and solved their hitch. The conflict was simple but they made it grew bigger because of the attitude of being hotheaded. Actually, none a problem would be solved if you are unraveling it in a hot tempered manner. Luckily, it was solved. After that, I went up straight to my room and fell on my bed. “What a tiring day” I thought. I solved a lot of problems in just a day so what to expect is an exhausted body and mind.

It was dinner time when I went up my bed and we had my favorite, pasta. At our dining table my parents explained that they would be off again by tomorrow for their business. When they say out, it’s not just out of town instead out of the country – so I would be alone again with our maids and Twilight. I understand what they really mean so no need to rebel. I knew it’s for my own good. I told the “Bon Voyage” without being noticed I dropped a single tear on my food so I shook my head and ate the pasta. After eating, I hurried to the bathroom and do some hygienic thingies then afterwards went to sleep.

Next day, I supposed it would be an ordinary day, a day wherein I would be everybody’s force filed and not as someone’s best friend, neighbor or son but I don’t regret it. After doing the things I usually do before my ride to school, I rushed out of our house. In the middle of the road I saw a puppy walking in the middle of the road. The puppy was weak because it’s too young. Meanwhile a huge cargo truck was approaching the puppy and as it comes nearer I noticed that the puppy was Twilight. I dashed to the road to save my dog because without Twilight my life will be just a night sky no moon and stars - meaningless.

But it was too late… Suddenly, a crashing sound, “Booooog!”.

Extra! Extra! Cars screeching, crowd forming in the middle, ambulance coming nearer and a puppy barking. “Excuse!”, said the medic. “We have to charge him to the hospital” yelled the other medic.

“Beep!... Beep!... Beep!... (lifeline sound)” was all I heard from my sleep. I dreamed that everything is in cinema – doctors and nurses around me, a huge light from above, needles attached to me, machines on the sides, my parents with Twilight and my best friends(Selena & Sam) weeping and lastly some dread. Was it a dream?

As I woke up, my neighbors whom I helped from their fight sent me fruits and flowers with a letter:

Chace, You’ve been such a good neighbor and also a “friend”. Thanks to the advices. And, for the thought of – fighting does not lead a starting family to form a great and strong foundation. It helped as a lot. You know, you have been a heaven sent to us. Really. I hoped and wished that God may light your way always and will keep you from harm. Again, thank you so much!

Sincerely yours,

Your neighbors

When I finished reading the letter, the door opened and they were Selena and Sam. I don’t know but I can’t control myself so I mouthed words. I honestly told Sam, “For once, please let me feel that I am your buddy too, Hahaha… I’m such a dramatist. Though I don’t have any bad feelings for you because you are my buddy.” Then I talked to Selena. “Selena, I hope you and your stupid bf are now in good terms. Bullshit! He always makes you cry. He is such a jerk. Selena I’ve been keeping this for age sand Sam knew that. You may not believe me but even before, I’m deeply in love with you. ”

Suddenly, I was shocked that my parents were here, knowing that they would be on business trip. I was really glad. Given that I have been honest since the first word I said, I talked to them sincerely. “I feel so alone every time you left me with the maids. Luckily, Twilight is there to chase my blues away. But, you know, despite the fact that you always leave me, I never thought of the negative side because I love you.”

Then, I called everyone and spoke.

“Dad, Mom, Selena & Sam thank you and I love you! Please do take care of my pal, Twilight.” the last words I stated.

The silence sounded. Beeeeeeeeeeeep! Everyone was shouting, trying to wake me from my eternal sleep.

. F . I . N .

Tito Art and Tita Nene

Going somewhere?
It is not listed on my plans to go swim but I got all wet. Why? Babysit this cute little angels...
But this is not the reason why we came to Aven Pavilion. Today is my tito and tita's wedding anniversary... We had these lovely foods: Lechon Wild Boar. Dinuguan. Sinampalukan Manok. etc...

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Potato Gratin and Cheese Flavored Baked Lays

Potatoes are one of those foods which I love most. You can do any recipe for it. Anything. It can be used as an appetizer or as main course. And may also be used as dessert.

So the real question is, what is the best snack for having an HP marathon. Then have a gratin or baked thin sliced potato or Lays. I chose these recipes 'cause they are easy to make and you'll just have to use few ingredients.

For the gratin, just combine cheese, cream, milk, sweetener and the mashed potato. Then bake it for 10 minutes. Then the Lays, cut it into very thin slices. Season it with salt and oil. Bake it for 15 minutes to make it crunchy and lastly powder it with cheese powder. Voila!

I am Paul and I'm so full.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A sudden plan

What if you made plans in a last minute call? That is not an excuse for wearing something offbeat. You can still wear clothes in its simplest form yet you'll be in. For emergency purposes, wear you v-neck. With or without print. Then skinny jeans. and grabb the best racksuck bag that you have as I have portrayed.
I am Paul and you can do it too.