Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Summer Feast

I guess every Filipino knows that Summer is the season for Feasts. It's been a tradition here in the Philippines. Every corner you'll see everyone enjoying themselves. Whether they are just watching, playing, eating or traveling. Anything. It's one of our most popular traits. Filipinos are the happiest people.

So my this attire that I'll be presenting showcases two things. Summer and Feast. Why? Summer is a hot season. So we wear those cool-ish clothes that we have like sleeveless, singlets, vests/sando (from folded and hung)...paired with shorts. Then to accessorize, add up sunglasses and hat. Then feast, because... here in Philippines in every banquet you'll see decorations of triangular colorful cut-out plastics hung everywhere. Just like the design on my attire.

actually i posted this on my lookbook:

I am Paul and welcome Summer Vacation!

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