Thursday, July 25, 2013

UST Testimonial Dinner Attire Idea

After Oath Taking, the next day UST will be having Testimonial Dinner for their newly Registered Pharmacist. I'm happy and I feel great to be one of the passers. With the said event, of course there will be a different kind of attire. It was announced that it will be Semiformal but others said it's Smart Attire. So I guess I'm kinda breaking it with what I came up with. For my top, plain light colored shirt with printed collar for a change paired with a green chinos if not chinos I think I'd go for dark colored slacks. Then some vintage accessories like the braided rope belt and the vintage leather watch. Lastly, I think dessert shoes will do good but loafers will do it best!

Floral Print Collar Shirt | Topman
Printed Collar Shirt | Zara
Green Chinos | B-side
Dessert boots
Loafers | Aldo
Belt | Ebay
Watch | Daniel Wellington

I am Paulo and this is what I might wear.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Oath Taking Attire Idea

So Monday will be my Oath Taking for being a newly Registered Pharmacist. And now I'm storming my mind with ideas on what I should wear and I came up with the picture above. It's a business attire event and I'm think what I compiled over the internet is a good combination. I chose to wear long sleeves polo topped with blazer and I think it's okay not to wear a neck/bow tie. Then I paired it with a purple chinos for a change rather than slacks since I'm think after the said event there will be a celebration with friends. To add definition with the attire I think it will be nice to wear a braided brown rope belt and a vintage watch either silver or gold. Lastly for the shoes, just a nice leather pair will do. 

Long Sleeves | Topman
Coat | McGreggor
Chinos | Villain Steve
Shoes | Aldo
Watch | Casio
Belt | Ebay

I am PAULO and this is what I'm thinking.

Thursday, July 18, 2013


I got an email from someone and asked to link the url of American Eagle from my previous post about AE. But I think it will be better if I come up with writing a new post about them. I even made an edited photo of American Eagle. That's the one posted above. Just trying my editing skills if I still have it since I've been under hiatus for quite a while.

As we all know that AE has been eyeing teenagers to young adults for years and has been great in delivering fashion for us. They've been soaring high since 1977. And just a few months ago, they have finally opened their first store here in the Philippines (I've already made a post about it). Even if it's an American brand Filipinos are still fond of this brand. For it can deliver great style from your everyday wear. I think they deserve to be up high there since they truly are amazing. Well at least, we don't need to order now from other country to have this. We can now visit the nearest store here in the Philippines. To prove what I'm saying just scroll down and see some of the photos I gathered from their Facebook page.

I am PAULO and again this is AMERICAN EAGLE.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Guilty as Charged

I'm back! Yes, I'm guilty as charged that I haven't posted for a while. It's because I was busy for my Pharmacy Board Exam and thanks to God, I passed it. So now, I am a Registered Pharmacist. Yay! But am not that sure if I'm really that back from being that updated from what I used to do here on my blog plus I haven't got my laptop replacement. The package is taking so long hopefully soon!

I kinda have a new thing about fashion which is "Fashion is EFFORTLESS!" That's why this outfit post of mine is just simple. Plain orange shirt just like that of the prisoners' uniform but they have the letter 'P' in theirs that's why I named this post as Guilty as Charged. Then, I partnered it with my black jeans and a pair of nice shoes. Also I added some accessories any kind of it plus sunglasses for your eyes. This is something that you may call your everyday wear but not only that you may also use this in some events just make sure it will fit the event you are going into. I guess that's it for this post. Plain. Simple. Effortless. Yet... still stylish. hahaha...

Plain Orange Tees | TeeCulture
Pants | Topman
Shoes | Native Shoes
Sunglasses | Cotton On

I am PAULO and I am GUILTY.