Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Oath Taking Attire Idea

So Monday will be my Oath Taking for being a newly Registered Pharmacist. And now I'm storming my mind with ideas on what I should wear and I came up with the picture above. It's a business attire event and I'm think what I compiled over the internet is a good combination. I chose to wear long sleeves polo topped with blazer and I think it's okay not to wear a neck/bow tie. Then I paired it with a purple chinos for a change rather than slacks since I'm think after the said event there will be a celebration with friends. To add definition with the attire I think it will be nice to wear a braided brown rope belt and a vintage watch either silver or gold. Lastly for the shoes, just a nice leather pair will do. 

Long Sleeves | Topman
Coat | McGreggor
Chinos | Villain Steve
Shoes | Aldo
Watch | Casio
Belt | Ebay

I am PAULO and this is what I'm thinking.

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