Thursday, September 27, 2012

TOPMAN: Fashion Fridays

This will be a quick blog post. Tomorrow is Friday, right? And tomorrow is Topman's Fashion Friday. Which means that they will be showcasing their new collection. And I bet it will be another kickass collection. That's Topman, I suppose. There are a lot to do when you go there. So be at Topman Powerplant Mall tomorrow September 28, 2012 (Friday) at around 5-7PM and be one of the lucky guys around the area. Good luck! Don't forget to wear your best attire and be ready for surprises.

Hoping that I can go. :D

I am PAULO and I love TOPMAN.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Curio Shoppe

So my friend has her own shop which is called The Curio Shoppe. And I'm helping her out by promoting what they sell. And I think, if you are the kikay girl or who fancy little cute things or a boy who has a girlfriend that loves stuffs like what I will show below, then this shop will help you with those concerns that you have. Another is that, they are made up of Polymer Clay which makes it a good quality.

For more of their products visit their Facbook page click that word below

I am PAULO and this is CURIO SHOPPE.

Thomasian and Proud

Maybe it's not bad to make a feature about the school you are into. The university which has been molding me for years. Now, I'm a graduating student from the Faculty of Pharmacy standing as a Thomasian and Proud. Actually, the idea that brought me from making this post is because of the Marketing video of University of Santo Tomas which when I saw made me even more proud. Before showing it to you, let me just say something about UST.

It is a school of great honor
It is a school with flying colors
It is a school of great heroes
It is a school of wonderful people
It is a school of your likes
It is a school of wonderland
It is a school of fireworks
It is a school of flood
It is a school of fighters
It is a school that helps each other
It is a school that can make you laugh and cry
It is a school that makes you closer to God
It is a school that will make you proud
I know there is more to tell and this is getting very long
But to end this;
It has a papal tiara,
a lion
a sea lion
a rose
and a sun of it's own
It is black,
and yellow
It is a tiger that roars.
It is Royal
It is Pontifical
It is a Catholic school
It is UST, and that's University of Santo Tomas.

I am PAULO and GO USTe!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Craving for more?

Been looking for some new goody stuffs that will help accessorize your outfit at its finest? Something that is unique, stunning and hip? Then be ready for October 1, 2012 (Monday) as CraveMore will be releasing their collection.

Personally, I find their collection very interesting and promising because it's an eye catcher. And it seems that there is a mystery behind those designs. Lastly, those designs make you feel that you are young and that it's okay to have fun. But of course know your limitations.

Few from their collection:

 I am PAULO and this keeps me craving for more.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Caught in the Balance

It's been weeks of wearing smart casual for me since that's a must for conducting interviews for our thesis. And I'm getting the hang of it. By the way, that's not only the use of smart-casual looks, you can use them in other events as well.

So here's an idea for your smart casual get-up. Enjoy!

Button down Polo (H&M), Black Pants (Maldita Man), Feather necklace (CraveMore), Shoes (Converse)


If you would be asking, yes that's my favorite necklace from CraveMore. And they have new collections that are must buy.

For Maldita Man, it's good local brand as well where you can find lots of smart casual clothes. Better check them out guys.

For Converse and H&M, it's already in the nature that they are one of the best brands. So there's no reason for you guys not to check them. 

I am Paulo and I'm caught in my own balance.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Plain to Something

Here I go again, doing some experimentation to this shirt that I bought from Tee Culture x SM Youth. It's just a simple gradient colored round neck shirt and they have other different colors aside from what you will see below. So this time, I tried making this simple shirt into something else like having the ends of the shirt curl up to make it more trendy.

What you will need are:
1.) T-shirt
2.) Scissors
3.) Clips

For the sleeves, clip the end of the sleeve tightly so that it won't separate once you are cutting it and a straight cut will be considered. Measure how much part you want to remove. After cutting the edges of both sleeves. Stretch them so that the curl-up drama will be achieved.
Do the same thing on the bottom end of the shirt.
Then for the neck park, you may cut it also buy following the round-neck part. Once cut, stretch it as well.
Voila, a new shirt with style.



Keep reading and visiting my blog to watch out for how I will wear this. Thanks!


Thursday, September 20, 2012


Been wanting to see Zac Efron? Now is your chance. Penshoppe will be showcasing a fancon starring Zac Efron for his fans. If you don't have tickets yet, you may still have a chance. Just follow these steps powered by Penshoppe:

  1. VIP Tickets - SOLD OUT
  2. P3,500 – P4,999 single-receipt purchase – 1 Patron pass
  3. P2,500 – P3,499 single-receipt purchase – 1 Lower Box pass
  4. P1,200 – P2,499 single-receipt purchase – 1 Upper Box pass
  5. P800 – P1,199 single-receipt purchase – 1 General Admission pass
Promo is valid in the following PENSHOPPE boutiques only. Receipts from other PENSHOPPE boutiques will not be honored.

1)       SM Mall of Asia
2)       SM Megamall
3)       Ayala Trinoma
4)       SM North EDSA (Main Mall)
5)       SM Pampanga
6)       SM Baguio
7)       SM Lucena
8)       SM Batangas
9)       SM Cebu
10)     SM Iloilo
11)     SM Davao
12)     SM Cagayan de Oro
13)   Glorietta
15)   SM San Lazaro
16)   Robinsons Ermita
17)  Alimall
18)  Festival Mall Alabang
19)  SM Marikina
20)  SM Manila
21)  Eastwood
22)  SM Southmall
23)  Lucky Chinatown Mall
24)  Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall

Date: September 29, 2012
Venue: SM Mall of Asia Arena
Gates will open at 6PM
Promo period: September 1-23, 2012 or until passes last

You may check these sites below to see some of the products of Penshoppe. I must say that they are one of those local brand here in the Philippines that make great quality of clothes, preppy, stylish and hip. And when it comes to getting models they are the one who gets the best. Meaning they really value their customers. Great job!
 Penshoppe Facebook


I am Paulo and this is Penshoppe

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

100th post for SAMSUNG S3 Giveaway

As you may know, my previous post is about the S3 and this one also is about it. Yes it's kind of a giveaway but I am not the one who's giving it away. It's from Samsung Mobile Philippines. They are launching their two new colors which is Titanium Grey and Garnet Red. I think both colors are great but I'd rather have the Titanium Gray.

So here's how you are going to join the said contest. First you have to like thier FB page. I already made a link above. Next, go to their app... Here's the link StareDown. Then Play the game. At first you'd have to sign up. Then game on. Activate your webcam and keep your eyes wide open as long as you can. Don't forget to be on the leaderboard. :D Good luck!


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Galaxy SIII

So it's been months of smartphone wars. And most brands have already showed what they've got. And for this month it's been a great war over iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3. So my friend has Galaxy S3 and I happened to borrow it so that I can check what it has to offer. I was amazed by how smart that phone can be and how great it is. That's why when I got back home, I searched through the web to check on some videos and found their new commercials about Samsung Galaxy S3 (link). The clips show what this smart phone can do and it has a lot, mind you. I think I'm running out of words to tell about this phone. But I think I can recommend this phone for everyone since it has a lot of things that you might need in a single phone. I also think as a student this phone will help you a lot like: communicating device, projects (MS Office), Entertainment, Social life and a good camera phone. Lastly, it can multitask which I think is a great feature.

I know you that you want me to make an opinion about this vs iPhone 5. Well for me, you can have any. And, iPhone 5 is something that is something. I'll just make a post about iPhone 5 soon.

I am Paulo and this is the next big thing.

Monday, September 17, 2012


I am a big fan of rucksacks for they are very useful to students like me. And for me rucksacks are those bags which are very student-friendly. It fits everything that you will need for a school. Then suddenly, I saw this post which is about rucksacks and it caught my attention for the design is well done. What made me stayed to browse more at their FB page is when I saw that they are upto something. Something very good and something that can help make more difference. So they are aiming for one bright future for the next generations. It involves 4 steps of coolness. First is Design: They design bags with pure inspiration. Second: Sell. Sell it to the consumers who. Third: Identify schools or organizations that might need help and lastly: Give. They give help by providing books for children in need. I think this is because they believe that those children will contribute something big for our world and for our future. And they call themselves Jatalo.

The above message might sound cheesy to you. But still, helping someone is one of the many things I love to do. With just a single bag you may help a lot. So here are the bags that they sell. Also, bracelets. I may not own any of these but I would love to have one or two of these. And oh, I think I heard that they are looking for ambassadors too bad it's exclusive for US. But if ever there would be here in the Philippines I would love to be part of them.

I am Paulo and this is for One World. One Future.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Extraordinary Xperias

It's been a while since I last made a gadget post. To make up for those spaces here's a review about one of the most talked about smartphones today in the Philippines. It's the new Xperia Go and Acro S. As we all know, you can put a lot of trust in Sony for they make a good and high quality products that customers will surely enjoy and will surely feel satisfied. And here they go again, proving their worth. If you are the clumsy type guy who uses phone a lot or you a phone that will last for years. Here's the one for you. Dust, scratch and water-resistant. But that's not only what they have. It's just the exterior. For the interior, it's an android phone meaning it's an awesome gadget too packed with several features that one might need for a phone. So what are you waiting for grab one now. I know I may sound excited and yes I don't own any of these but seeing it, reading the reviews about it and trying it. I can say that this is worth it.


Across the Universe

If you've been following me on my Twitter, I assume that you saw my post that I am modernizing a Clark Kent look. So here it is, as promised. I got this idea because of Bench Universe. As we all know, Clark Kent or Superman went across the universe and came to Earth. He stayed here and fought for our Earth. But aside from being a superhero, he is a journalist. And the way he wear the thought of it is being the Nerdy Dapper. And that's why I went to that look which I modernized a bit.


Button Down Polo (BenchTM), Suit (Tailored), Bowtie Necklace (Self-made), Eyeglasses (Tomato)

If you are wondering where I got that necklace. I made it. I'm not sure with the brand of that bow-tie because I just saw it from my bag of bowties and suspenders. Then I thought, instead of wearing the bowtie, maybe I can make it as another form of accessory. So, I saw this black necklace of mine. Took out its original pendant. Then for the bowtie part, I ripped of the neck-ring, But I can still attach it though. And voila, hook it together and you'll have that look. :D

I am Paulo and I am Clark Kent.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Bench Universe

So I got invites for Bench Universe Underwear and Denim Fashion Show thanks to my friend Jennica who happened to have passes because of her brother who walked at the stage..Guess who? As we all know, Bench has been doing this stuff for years and ever year they do it with a blast. Indeed, last night was a blast too. It's like we came forth across the Universe. I must say that Bench nailed it. Being one of the biggest local brand here in the Philippines, Bench did really make a mark that they own the underwear stuff. Take note: I almost died because of Allison Harvard. She is very stunning!

If you want to know more about this look.. stay tuned... :D

I am PAULO and just got back from the UNIVERSE