Sunday, September 2, 2012

Straight from the Heart

 We are now in the first month of -ber's. Meaning Christmas spirit. But this look has nothing to do with it thought. I just want to remind you about it. So I just wanted to wear a simple yet remarkable attire for my friend's birthday celebration at Cerchio (later I will make a blog post).

That's why I came up with this. It's also an all pastel color. First, got my baby pink v-neck shirt from Uniqlo. Let me just tell you that Uniqlo shirts has the way of making the one wearing it very comfortable though their designs are just simple which I think is great. Next, I wore my former blue pants which I soaked into a bleaching solution to make it an acid wash looking pants from BenchTM. (Yes, that's what I call experimentation). Then wore more boots to make it remarkable. I also added some accessories which are  watch from SM Accessories and necklace which I placed my wayfarer sunglasses (Topman) for it to be the pendant. It's a too way accessory as you can see. If the sun is out I can just wear it up but if the sun is down, I can easily hang it on my necklace.

Here's the look: you might want to hype it on Lookbook: :D

Pink Vneck (Uniqlo), Necklace with Wayfarer pendant (Topman), Acid Wash Pants (Bench), Watch (SM Accessories), Boots

I am Paulo and that is straight from the heart.
actually the title is also the title of a religious book I bought the same day. Just check on my blog because I will make one featuring the book.

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