Sunday, September 16, 2012

Across the Universe

If you've been following me on my Twitter, I assume that you saw my post that I am modernizing a Clark Kent look. So here it is, as promised. I got this idea because of Bench Universe. As we all know, Clark Kent or Superman went across the universe and came to Earth. He stayed here and fought for our Earth. But aside from being a superhero, he is a journalist. And the way he wear the thought of it is being the Nerdy Dapper. And that's why I went to that look which I modernized a bit.


Button Down Polo (BenchTM), Suit (Tailored), Bowtie Necklace (Self-made), Eyeglasses (Tomato)

If you are wondering where I got that necklace. I made it. I'm not sure with the brand of that bow-tie because I just saw it from my bag of bowties and suspenders. Then I thought, instead of wearing the bowtie, maybe I can make it as another form of accessory. So, I saw this black necklace of mine. Took out its original pendant. Then for the bowtie part, I ripped of the neck-ring, But I can still attach it though. And voila, hook it together and you'll have that look. :D

I am Paulo and I am Clark Kent.

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