Monday, September 3, 2012


Music has been in this world for ages. And sharing it to others is fun. Either, you enjoy the loud music or be sentimental together. But sometimes you only have one pair of earphones for your device. Isn't it tiring to share it with just one ear? Since we are now in a modern world, there is a solution to that problem. It's called BOOMPHONES. Transforming your earphones into a very portable boombox. This idea of having earphones and boombox/speaker into one rocks! For me this is the new Beats in town. Bow down to Boomphones.

And oh, I learned about this device because of CIMORELLI from youtube. Let me just say something about them. I am a big fan. They've been making great covers and most of the times theirs are better than the original.

Here's the video about the boomphones and where I discovered it (Cimorelli):

I am PAULO and I want this BOOMPHONES!

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