Sunday, September 23, 2012

Caught in the Balance

It's been weeks of wearing smart casual for me since that's a must for conducting interviews for our thesis. And I'm getting the hang of it. By the way, that's not only the use of smart-casual looks, you can use them in other events as well.

So here's an idea for your smart casual get-up. Enjoy!

Button down Polo (H&M), Black Pants (Maldita Man), Feather necklace (CraveMore), Shoes (Converse)


If you would be asking, yes that's my favorite necklace from CraveMore. And they have new collections that are must buy.

For Maldita Man, it's good local brand as well where you can find lots of smart casual clothes. Better check them out guys.

For Converse and H&M, it's already in the nature that they are one of the best brands. So there's no reason for you guys not to check them. 

I am Paulo and I'm caught in my own balance.

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