Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Nerdy Dapper

I was commented once on my Lookbook Account as well as some of my friends as the dapper one. Then I thought how about I combine it with the nerdy ones. So I came up with this idea.

Long sleeves with elbow patch (APC), Mustard Pants (Westfield), Nerdy Glasses (Ray Ban), Grey Polo Shirt (Ralph Lauren), Watch (Patexe Philippe), Bag (Buy Buy Bag), Sneaker shoes,

Let me start with the pants. It's mustard colored pants with garter at the bottom which I think is a great idea. Then I thought, it will best fit with sneakers. I recommend Vans for the sneakers. Next, I first chose to pair the pants with a simple gray polo shirt but I thought it's not enough. So I came up with putting a blue long sleeved sweater with elbow patch on top of the polo shirt but the polo shirt's collar must be visible. Yes, I am a fan of elbow patch. It looks great when you are upto something different yet will look classy. It's time to accessorize. A handbag/shoulder bag will suit the whole get-up as far as I am experimenting. Then next, a thin vintage looking watch will fit on this for the dapper part. And lastly, put on some nerdy glasses to achieve the nerdy look. When you put all these on together, you can call it as "The Nerdy Dapper".

I hope I helped you guys and I hope somehow this will be an inspiration. :D

I am Paulo and I am a Nerdy Dapper.

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