Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Folded and Hung: PreHoliday Fashion 2012

I've seen a video and some photos of Folded and Hung few days ago which showcases their PreHoliday Fashion. Luckily, I got time to do a blog about it because of school stuffs. So... I was really stunned by what I saw. It's like a local brand that can compete to any other global brands because of what they have in store for you. Well, there's no reason to make doubts about... it's Folded and Hung. And, I know for years they've been making good quality clothes which are trendy, hip and deserves hats off. So no more for word tease...let me present to you some of their collections. (what I will be showing are the one's which I really like and love):



Here are the videos:
Stunning huh?
I am PAULO and go for FnH!

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