Sunday, September 9, 2012

Go Green. Stop Global Warming.

Nowadays, there are a lot of movements for our nature. We all know that our nature is being abused so much. That's why as a student-blogger, I thought maybe I can help out by telling my insights about it and maybe incorporating what I wear. Also, to let you know that a fashion/food/travel/gadget blog is not only about promoting stuffs like that, we can always make a room for our environment. And that is the reason why I came up to this.

Green has been the color of our nature. And what I will show you below is mostly green and involves acts that I am against pollution and abuse of Gaia.

Hoodie (Penshoppe), Military Green Pants (UNIQLO), Shoes (Vans), Automatic Watch (Seiko)

That hoodie I got from Penshoppe shows a bicycle print. As we all know bicycles are one way of preventing pollution coming from such vehicles. Meaning, why not go with bicycles instead of motorcylces. It might not be that fast but it helps our air clean and our body healthy. And motorcylces are kind of dangerous. :D Next, as you can see my shoes has a rose print on it. It symbolizes the nature. Just like any shoes, it leads us to where we are going... then, connecting it to the print, taking care of our nature will provide us a better future as well. It will help us preserve our Earth for the succeeding generations and help prevent Global Warming. I think that's all I have to say for now. I know a lot of you guys are also game for helping our place be at peace.

I am Paulo and let's go Green!

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