Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Galaxy SIII

So it's been months of smartphone wars. And most brands have already showed what they've got. And for this month it's been a great war over iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3. So my friend has Galaxy S3 and I happened to borrow it so that I can check what it has to offer. I was amazed by how smart that phone can be and how great it is. That's why when I got back home, I searched through the web to check on some videos and found their new commercials about Samsung Galaxy S3 (link). The clips show what this smart phone can do and it has a lot, mind you. I think I'm running out of words to tell about this phone. But I think I can recommend this phone for everyone since it has a lot of things that you might need in a single phone. I also think as a student this phone will help you a lot like: communicating device, projects (MS Office), Entertainment, Social life and a good camera phone. Lastly, it can multitask which I think is a great feature.

I know you that you want me to make an opinion about this vs iPhone 5. Well for me, you can have any. And, iPhone 5 is something that is something. I'll just make a post about iPhone 5 soon.

I am Paulo and this is the next big thing.

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