Wednesday, May 22, 2013


 I told you it's nice to explore. And now, I've added this brand to my to have lists. They say a good pair of shoes will bring you to good places. I know most of us will truly agree on this thought. Of course, a good pair of choose will definitely bring you to places and there are a lot of shoes out there that can do that. One great example is Rolu. I think it's good to walk with this brand because they are hand-crafted, stylish and durabale. When I say those things meaning they are of good shoe brand, a 100% Filipino craftsmanship. You also get to choose a lot of styles from Brogues to Boats to Loafers and to Captoes. Isn't it nice?! Check them out, ASAP!

Also, don't forget to visit them at SMX, MOA for they will be participating in the Superb Bazaar. It starts today May 22 until May 26. And they will be giving discounts and surprises.

I am PAULO and let's walk with ROLU!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Experimental Breakfast

Probably, you will be thinking what's happening on my blog. Why is there like some cooking/baking/making food stuff. Aside from those fashion things that I do, I love food and I love cooking as well. What I did is just simple. I have these snacks: Hello Panda, Oreo and Chips Ahoy. And normally, people would love to drink milk with these cookies because they are of perfect match. So I thought, I have this can of Bear Brand milk and these cookies, why not put them all together and make a wonderful breakfast making it like a cereal. After all, those cookies I've mentioned are really good and appetizing. Everyone loves those. They've been making children, teenagers, adult and even oldies happy. Also, Bear Brand has been in business for years and making their customers healthier with their milk. I guess, I don't have to put in some instructions on how to make this so called experimental breakfast. Just look at the photos below and voila!

I am PAULO and I LOVE to EAT!

Monday, May 20, 2013

No Regrets Just Love

Plaid Long Sleevs | H&M
Pants | Penshoppe
Sunglasses | Topman
Shoes | Wade
Bag | Nike

Before anything else, just want to tell that there's been so much hatred in this world so we need to stop those things. Don't regret the things that you have done because you've learned from it. Spread love instead. Good vibes.... Just Love.

Okay, enough with the drama. I just love that thought. Just like what I'm wearing, you won't regret in buying an H&M clothing because you will love it for sure. I wore this H&M long sleeves of mine because of many things:
1.) SM Aura is now open and there are rumors that the first H&M store in the Philippines will be placed there
2.) I'm showing to you readers how stylish H&M shirts are. I still have a few on my rack better keep posted on my blog.
3.) Because it's one of my favorite international brands.
Those are the reasons. I wore this outfit for my review class because after my class I have to go to a mall and I think it's really an appropriate attire to wear for such agendas. And oh, I paired it with my plaid shoes as well from WADE. It's a local brand that sports affordable stylish shoes.


Sunday, May 19, 2013

Basic House

When people say Asian Fashion, Koreans are ones to be look onto. Koreans have been specializing a lot in fashion and beauty these days. They are very versatile in wearing several different clothes. Give them something to wear and they will come up with a great looking attire. That's why I have been a fan of Korean fashion as well since their K-Pop outbreak. Fortunately, Basic House, a Global Fashion Brand from Korean, has landed in the Philippines. They already have 3 stores in the Philippines: Robinsons Metro East, The Shope Greenhills Shopping Center and the newly opened branch at SM Megamall. So for the Korean readers, K Pop fans and fashion enthusiasts this is a great brand that you can count on with the fashion in Korea. Better check them out soon!

I am PAULO and this is BASIC HOUSE!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Ben Sherman

Much has been said about Ben Sherman already. Still, I'm gonna make a write up about them because they are awesome! It's been 50 years of British style by Ben Sherman yet they are still rocking the fashion industry with elegance, class and style. It's like they never get old since they are always in style and you will regret not to have one in your closet. So I'm kind of in that part because I still don't have one. Pretty soon... hahaha... But still, I want to talk about them. Ben Sherman has a lot to offer for young lad, gentlemen, bachelors and even the grown ups because what I know is this brand knows what's running in the minds of these people. He got it! And that's how you get to have your people.

For more photos catch them on their website or Facebook.

I am PAULO and let's have that HERITAGE OF MODERNISM!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Penny Skateboards

I don't skate and I don't even know how yet but would love to try and learn how to. And, I would like to start with 22" Penny Skateboards. I just find it cool and for me it's more convenient to have that one than a longboard so I can bring it anywhere I want. Yet, I don't know where to buy one here in the Philippines and I don't know what brand should I buy. So I searched the net and I only saw one brand of Penny Skateboards. I know there's more. If ever you know any please do tell me. Tell me also where to buy and how much. Or maybe you can gift me one or sponsor me since my birthday is coming.

I'm attracted to these colors of Penny Skateboards by the way.

This one is my top favorite.

 But anything purple or violet will do.

These colors will do as well:

For this photo of course purple and blue will do.