Monday, May 20, 2013

No Regrets Just Love

Plaid Long Sleevs | H&M
Pants | Penshoppe
Sunglasses | Topman
Shoes | Wade
Bag | Nike

Before anything else, just want to tell that there's been so much hatred in this world so we need to stop those things. Don't regret the things that you have done because you've learned from it. Spread love instead. Good vibes.... Just Love.

Okay, enough with the drama. I just love that thought. Just like what I'm wearing, you won't regret in buying an H&M clothing because you will love it for sure. I wore this H&M long sleeves of mine because of many things:
1.) SM Aura is now open and there are rumors that the first H&M store in the Philippines will be placed there
2.) I'm showing to you readers how stylish H&M shirts are. I still have a few on my rack better keep posted on my blog.
3.) Because it's one of my favorite international brands.
Those are the reasons. I wore this outfit for my review class because after my class I have to go to a mall and I think it's really an appropriate attire to wear for such agendas. And oh, I paired it with my plaid shoes as well from WADE. It's a local brand that sports affordable stylish shoes.


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