Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Since review classes are civilian attires, it's really an opportunity to do outfit shots. But having the time to take photos is hard because of the schedule. That's the reason why I don't blog much about what I wear, I just post them on my instagram @thepaulodiaries hahah.. :D But this one is a special attire. So I really looked for a spare time for me to take some shots of myself. After all, I named this day: Floral Day. Since, I suggested my classmates to wear florals and they did. Unfortunately, I didn't get to take some photos with them.

Anyway, florals are very in these days. It's summer! So, why not? I know it's kinda not good to wear button down's because of the heat I think there's still an exception. As long as you feel comfortable with it and the fabric is not that thick for you to wear under the sun. Thank God, Folded and Hung's floral polo is the one I'm talking about. Of course, you have to pair it with twill shorts from Uniqlo. For me, I played with the colors. Wore with light colored clothes: Light blue and pink. So that even with the summer heat, your outfit will look fresh and it's very pleasing to the eyes. And lastly, just wore my summer-go-to shoes from Native.

Floral Polo | Folded and Hung
Twill Shorts | Uniqlo
Shoes | Native
Strap for the watch | Asprey


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