Monday, December 31, 2012

NY's Eve

So here's an idea for what to wear in your New Year's Eve celebration. I compiled some pictures which I found over the internet. Polka dots is a tradition during New Year. It is believe to bring prosperity, luck and eternal thingy. That's why it's part of my NY's Eve post. I prepared two looks for you guys. Let's start with the first, the one that involves layers. So I chose grey neppy long sleeves with an outerwear of blazer. To be loyal with the tradition, you may add a polka dot bow tie or necktie. I think it's best to pair it with a mustard colored pants and just a plain sneakers. With that look, you can go to grande or smart casual events. But if you are not the layered kind of guy... a guy that goes with just a simple yet classy get-up I have another for you. Of course a polka dot t-shirt with a drama of plain pocket on the left side of your chest and again paired with mustard pangs and a plain sneakers. I think with this, you can pull it off and it's very comfortable. So that's it for now, I have to prepare for our New Year's Eve!

I am PAULO and may you all have a PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

So Cheeky

Obviously, I'm a British fan but that doesn't mean I don't love my country. It's still more fun in the Philippines. Anyway, let's talk about being a fan of United Kingdom. If you are going to read about their history, it's really an awesome read. But what I like about UK... are a lot. Let me name a few: people, accent, slang, places, landmarks and of course their FASHION. Also, I've mentioned on my previous post that I've been watching and enjoying Jacksgap, that's a plus plus in being a fan. They are so cheeky and young. There's still a lot to tell though. So my OOTD is UK Flag inspired look: the colors and the print. I hope I did well. That's it for now. Got to go. Scroll down for more pictures. :D

I am PAULO and this is so CHEEKY!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Fashion Video

Hello guys. So this is my big surprise and gift to you my readers... my very first Fashion Video. I've been thinking a lot about this and finally I made up my mind. Actually, Jack and Finn Harries inspired me to do a video since they've been vlogging over the youtube. I think their videos are powerful in every teenagers or young adult because they are making something worth it and sensible over their gapyear. Let me add that their are fun and intelligent twins. I'm suggesting you guys to watch their videos and subscribe to their channel. (Jacksgap) By the way, I made this because I want to make a difference as a fashion blogger here in the Philippines. I may still be a newbie but I hope a fashion video or whatever this you may call can be an inspiration to you guys. After all, that's one of my goals in being such. Enjoy! God bless and be safe!

I am PAULO and this is INNOVATION.

A Blessed and Merry Christmas

 First of all, a blessed and merry Christmas to everyone specially you my readers. I hope you had a good one 'cause I had an awesome one. So basically, this is my Christmas attire. I had a long sleeves shirt from TOPMAN, one of my favorite brands. Then, since I love ombre so much I finally have one. And it's an ombre pants. I just love how it looks. I first saw an ombre pants at tumblr and it really looks good that's why I kept on looking one here in the Philippines and good thing MARKUS of SM YOUTH made one. And it's somehow the same with the photo I saw over tumblr which made me like this more. Then my burgundy desert boots for my footwear and lastly accessories.


Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Rush Attire

I know it's kind of late to post a possible Christmas attire for you readers but this is a rush thingy so maybe you can pull of something from your closet just like how I pulled off this over the internet. Christmas Rush is part of this season and this is one of those things that I'm pertaining to.

That awesome sweater above is from Topman. I love how it looks, the color, the print and it's very in with the season. The long sleeves polo on top is from Tokyo Laundry, I think a little aztec print will go over the holidays. So you may choose any of the two. Next, a slim skinny type pants (Van Mildert) preferably black would fit with any of the tops I chose on those compiled stuffs. Now, for your footwear: a christmas printed socks from Ralph Lauren and desert boots from Clarks. Then for the accessories, I chose a nautical belt and for the watch, a vintage one from Seiko.

I am Paulo and have a fun rush findings.

Because I am...

.... a Fashion Blogger of the Philippines and I'm getting the hang of it. I think it's fun to be one because I get to know more about fashion and style. I see to it as a whole new world of enigmas, that's why I'm having a lot of fun in being a fashion blogger even though I'm still kind of newbie in this field.

For my outfit, it's actually a shirt I bought in a bazaar, "Bloggers' United". That awesome shirt was by BJORN BEDAYO (BJORN MANILA). I'm not pretty sure how you guys, my readers will contact him if you want one but I'll leave some links leading to his sites so that you can. And oh by the way, it has 2 designs, this one and carpe diem. So that's it about this outfit.

As you can see, my background is kind of a mess because I took the shot in an aftermath of UST Paskuhan 2012. The idea of spotlight is very cool that's why we had a lot of fun taking shots with it. To see more photos about the paskuhan just scroll down.

Photos above are taken by Anne Valeriano, Ara Marasigan and Rochen Yanquiling

Since I brought my camera, I had time in taking some photos which I find attractive to look at. I mean practicing my photographic skills. Hahaha.. :D


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Anything could happen

Yes, it's a photoshoot which I had a few days ago at Red Images, the official partner of UST. I think by far this is the best outfit shot I had since it was in a studio. Actually, the main thing about the shoot is our "grad pic". Then I get to have this fashion shot from the package I chose. So for my fashion... I chose to wear a button down baby blue polo, ombre pants which I'm very in love with and blazer which I had it made for me. So this are the products of my fashion. I hope that I pulled it off. Enjoy! Btw, sorry for updating you less. But hopefully, there will be more posts on the succeeding days.


Monday, December 10, 2012

Black Light Thaksgiving

So due to the success of their new store opening at 7274 Malugay St. San Antonio Village, 1203 Makati and from the continuous support, Flying Dutchman will be having their Thanksgiving party. It's free admission and drinks with great music and black light experience. They will also be presenting some new collection. The said event will be on December 15, 2012 Saturday around 7PM at their store. It is a must to wear white, bright or neon colored outfit to suit the blacklight. There will also be discounts for the first 10 customers and a chance to get a free Clifford wallet and 10,000 worth of purchase.

It is brought to you by:
I'll be visiting their store this week. So if I'd get a chance to take some photos will post it here. To keep you updated. And will try to go at their Black Light Thanksgiving Party, See you when I see you! :D

I am PAULO and let's party and fly with them.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Nautical Stuffs

Yes, nautical fashion is still on the trendy list. Why not? I see to it as the "New Classic". Every year nautical/sailor style is in. It does not get old, inclined to that it transforms to a newer and better version. That's why I can call it the NEW CLASSIC.

How can you say if it is a nautical fashion. For me, it comes with the color of blue, green, black, white, dirty white, flesh or cream... Oh! as well s brown. You may also put up some shades of red. Then stripes go with nautical stuff. Woody or rope-like things are also part of this fashion. And let's not forget the anchor. I think that will really define it.

So for some overview, I collected some photos from the internet for you guys to check on and maybe have it as an inspiration. (Sorry did not have time to look where to get one, what I know is, google has the answer. :D) Here they are:

I am PAULO and AHOY!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Don't be Afraid to Make Mistakes

I know I broke my promise about being very updated on my blog. But due to my busy schedule at school since we are preparing for our Pharmacy Week, I have failed to do so. But keep posted guys, will be blogging new posts one of these days or maybe later about what happened during the PharmaWeek.

So this attire that I'm wearing is the one I wore to one of the events in our PharmaWeek which is the Variety Show wherein you get to watch your professors perform on stage which shows their other side. Back to the topic, I had a plaid button down Topman Polo paired with my plain jeans. Then I put on a wood colored belt, I dunno what's the brand. For my shoes, I chose to wear my WADE. It's kind of old. But WADE shoes are strong enough to last for years, I guess. Not only that, they showcase cool and trendy designs for male and female. I guess if you are looking for a local shoe brand that sells shoes for formal, casual, dapper or whatsoever attire, they have it in a very affordable price. Mind you, they also have bags and accessories. 

I am PAULO and it's OKAY to make MISTAKES.


DIY Costume for Parade

Photo by Anne Valeriano (Love my background so Candid)

So this is my Do It Yourself costume for our PharmaParade. We had to showcase SANDUGO Festival wherein there are different tribes that supports the blood compact of a Datu and a Spaniard. What I'm proud about this costume is a sewed like 18 vests for my co-tribe members. Which I think looks good. hahahaha... :D

What I know is our tribe is very colorful. Kind of like the Indians in Peter Pan.

So here are the photos of my batchmates showing SANDUGO FESTIVAL

I am PAULO and Happy Pharmacy Week!