Sunday, December 2, 2012

Don't be Afraid to Make Mistakes

I know I broke my promise about being very updated on my blog. But due to my busy schedule at school since we are preparing for our Pharmacy Week, I have failed to do so. But keep posted guys, will be blogging new posts one of these days or maybe later about what happened during the PharmaWeek.

So this attire that I'm wearing is the one I wore to one of the events in our PharmaWeek which is the Variety Show wherein you get to watch your professors perform on stage which shows their other side. Back to the topic, I had a plaid button down Topman Polo paired with my plain jeans. Then I put on a wood colored belt, I dunno what's the brand. For my shoes, I chose to wear my WADE. It's kind of old. But WADE shoes are strong enough to last for years, I guess. Not only that, they showcase cool and trendy designs for male and female. I guess if you are looking for a local shoe brand that sells shoes for formal, casual, dapper or whatsoever attire, they have it in a very affordable price. Mind you, they also have bags and accessories. 

I am PAULO and it's OKAY to make MISTAKES.


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