Saturday, December 29, 2012

So Cheeky

Obviously, I'm a British fan but that doesn't mean I don't love my country. It's still more fun in the Philippines. Anyway, let's talk about being a fan of United Kingdom. If you are going to read about their history, it's really an awesome read. But what I like about UK... are a lot. Let me name a few: people, accent, slang, places, landmarks and of course their FASHION. Also, I've mentioned on my previous post that I've been watching and enjoying Jacksgap, that's a plus plus in being a fan. They are so cheeky and young. There's still a lot to tell though. So my OOTD is UK Flag inspired look: the colors and the print. I hope I did well. That's it for now. Got to go. Scroll down for more pictures. :D

I am PAULO and this is so CHEEKY!

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  1. Hi. Where did you buy that shirt? I've been looking for a UK flag shirt for months, and yours looks amazing. Please reply. Thank you.