Monday, December 31, 2012

NY's Eve

So here's an idea for what to wear in your New Year's Eve celebration. I compiled some pictures which I found over the internet. Polka dots is a tradition during New Year. It is believe to bring prosperity, luck and eternal thingy. That's why it's part of my NY's Eve post. I prepared two looks for you guys. Let's start with the first, the one that involves layers. So I chose grey neppy long sleeves with an outerwear of blazer. To be loyal with the tradition, you may add a polka dot bow tie or necktie. I think it's best to pair it with a mustard colored pants and just a plain sneakers. With that look, you can go to grande or smart casual events. But if you are not the layered kind of guy... a guy that goes with just a simple yet classy get-up I have another for you. Of course a polka dot t-shirt with a drama of plain pocket on the left side of your chest and again paired with mustard pangs and a plain sneakers. I think with this, you can pull it off and it's very comfortable. So that's it for now, I have to prepare for our New Year's Eve!

I am PAULO and may you all have a PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!

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