Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Fashion Video

Hello guys. So this is my big surprise and gift to you my readers... my very first Fashion Video. I've been thinking a lot about this and finally I made up my mind. Actually, Jack and Finn Harries inspired me to do a video since they've been vlogging over the youtube. I think their videos are powerful in every teenagers or young adult because they are making something worth it and sensible over their gapyear. Let me add that their are fun and intelligent twins. I'm suggesting you guys to watch their videos and subscribe to their channel. (Jacksgap) By the way, I made this because I want to make a difference as a fashion blogger here in the Philippines. I may still be a newbie but I hope a fashion video or whatever this you may call can be an inspiration to you guys. After all, that's one of my goals in being such. Enjoy! God bless and be safe!

I am PAULO and this is INNOVATION.

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