Thursday, August 30, 2012

Back 2 Back on the 1st of the -bers'

Yes as we all know, this coming Saturday is the first of the Ber Months. Meaning....Christmas is in the air. What comes with Christmas are a lot. One of those many is this.... PARTY! SM Youth University  together with e-Plus will be having a Teen Assembly on Septermber 1 during the day at SM MOA Arena . I suggest to wear your lookbook-ish attire. Why? Because fashion radar will be on. I have some suggestions you may visit my lookbook page or some of my posts here on my blog.

Then as the sun takes its rest, turn your party people mode on for ADHOC Unbound Legacy. Be ready also for your lookbook-ish style because Bjorn Manila will join to document the event.

World Trade Center

I am PAULO and have fun guys!

Find Your Edge

So I heard, Wrangler Philippines will be releasing their Fall/Winter 2012 collection at Robinsons Place Manila today(August 29, 2012) until Sunday(September 2, 2012). That's why I went to their Philippine website to see if they are already uploaded. And yes, they are. Indeed, their collection is still ruggedly free looking which I think is good. It feels free. Then I saw their concept which really got me:
"When you're out on the open road, no destination in mind. The world is yours - anything is possible. Freedom isn't  something you can point to in a map. It is the map. Finding your edge is an endless journey. And, it starts right here."  - Wrangler Philippines
I think that they really showed what their concept is all about. Just look at the photos below. It's like they have the taste of freedom in an endless journey and found their own edge. They've owned it.

Fall/Winter 2012 Collection

I am Paulo and what's your edge?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Daniel Wellington

As I have promised, "I will make a solo blog pos for DW" and here it is. I first saw this watch last year at Instagram. It caught my attention and I was under the impression of "I want this badly." So I looked over the internet to know more about the product. And that made me crave for more of this. I love how the design works... It's very sleek, vintage looking which I really love, simple like not so complicated looking watch and trendy. Another, it comes with a Nato Strap. I am a fan of those kind of straps.
Also if you would look over their website and read their About you will see a nice paragraph that will merely describe why I'm rooting for this.
"The “preppy” trend is bigger than ever before. And while there are many big players in the fashion industry that caters to preppy needs, such as Ralph Lauren, Gant and Brooks Brothers, we felt that there was an empty space in the watch market. There was something missing. 
We believe that Daniel Wellington fills that gap. Our vision is that when someone thinks of a preppy dressed person, he or she is wearing a Daniel Wellington watch." -DW
Indeed and well said, huh?! Maybe enough of the words, I think the pictures will do why I really like and want to have these...

I am Paulo and may present to you Daniel Wellington

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Original Skin

Since, I received an email to my both mails which I think they are reading my blog, I will try my best to make a feature out of it. They call themselves The Original Skin, they say they are original bold clothing, based on what I read from their site. I also read that they change theme every season just like others do. And for this season they have NOSTALGIA. So if you are the basic-tees and jeans type of person, this is something you should consider. This is also for those who are basic-tees and a jacket plus jeans type of person.

One thing I love about their design, the print looks vintage.

These are their four designs for this season. Upon checking them on their website, I noticed that every shirt has a meaning why the print is like that. You better check them out. And just recently, they are now also available for women. So enjoy!

I am Paulo and this is The Original Skin

Bluer than Blue

I guess most people particularly men, their favorite color is blue. Mine as well, but just next to my top favorite which is violet. But again, there is a specific shade of blue that I love most and I will feature that here. SKY BLUE. So I tried experimenting on compiling different kind of clothes yet share a common thing which is the color. I know, few people are brave enough to wear a color coordinated clothes. For me, I think I am brave enough to wear this. I picked from different stores and got these as the result.

Let's start with the button down long sleeve polo from Topman. I chose that because I just love the color and also the style of the pocket. Next, it's good to wear a bow tie on it but you have to be careful enough to pair something which will fit it best. So I found this light colored denim-ish from Svpply. Now the pants, again, I chose chinos. Yes I am a fan of chinos. Saw that chinos from PrettyGreen. Let's go with the shoes, as you can see the whole outfit shows a smart casual look that's why I chose these Gommino shoes from Tods. So I thought, everything's on a perfect fit but something is missing, I tried putting on a cardigan but it's not that good, that's why I came up with a blazer which is from Eleven Paris. Lastly, for finishing touch that will most likely help achieve the all blue smart casual look is none other than a Daniel Wellington watch. I just love how their watches look and I'm thinking of making a solo blog post about it so that I can show you how good it is. And I want one badly!

I am PAULO and I'm a Blue

Monday, August 27, 2012

Time to shine with Cotton On Philippines

If you've been reading my blog, I guess you have seen that I'm really excited about Cotton On Philippines. In fact, I have already made two posts about them (First and Second). Then just now, I heard that Cotton On's SM Mall of Asia Branch will be opening on September 7, 2012 that's Friday to be exact. But that's not only that they are looking for fun, young, hip and bright 18-24 years old student-models who are ready to be on with them at the runway. On September 6, 2012, they will held a fashion show to showcase what's in their store.

So for the search for their models part... here's how:

"Be part of the Cotton On Fashion Show! Send your photo with your name, birthday, and contact number through a direct message to For 18-24 years old only! Deadline of entries is on Aug. 29, 2012 (12:00 noon) You will be advised once shortlisted. Spread the word! " Via Facebook Page of Cotton On Philippines

And yes, I would love to join, the problem is if I get to go at their Grand Go See which will be on August, 30, 2012 Thursday Night at Suyen Corp/Bench Head office in Pasay City... I will not have time to review for my Prelims for Friday... :(((( But I really want to do both... Ugh! Choices.. :(((

I am Paulo and let's get it on for Cotton On.

Cotton On: The Explorer

It's just me being excited for Cotton On's Opening here in the Philippines (though, i have no idea when), that's why I managed to looked over their website and found some cool stuffs. Then I thought how about do a blog post about their new arrivals.

So this is the product of my whole exploration on their website. I can call this get-up, "The Explorer". If you are up to road trip or something else, this is one good look to take consider.

I have dibs on that purple chinos because it's PURPLE! Then wearing chino-type pants are very comfortable most specially when you will be walking a lot. Next I chose the blue singlet/vest because it goes with the color of the pants and the plaid hoody long sleeved polo which will be on top of it. And wearing those will be like wearing two outfits as well. For example, when you want to look raggedly decent or the weather is kind of cold/windy/rainy you can wear that red polo on top of the blue singlet but when it's kind of hot you can just remove the polo and be like with just that singlet and the pants. Nice huh?! :P Then accessorize
yourself with sunglasses just like in the photo and the blue watch. For the bag, I chose that duffel looking one in case you need to bring some things while you are in an exploration. Lastly, the shoes... that desert boots is perfect for the whole outfit. All of these are from Cotton On which I compiled. I hope you take consider of this look.

I am PAULO and I really want that purple chinos!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

It's Always A Good Time

Yes, the title is from the song of Owl City and Carly Rae Jepson. I'm kinda in an LSS mode. Who would not, it such a catchy song and delivers a good message. But that's not all, I took this outfit post during our retreat. Indeed, I had a good time. Who would not, when you are with these wonderful friends that you have which most likely I treat as a family.

Actually I made a blog post for them showing the videos I made which showcases how we had fun. Part 1 & Part 2

I so love this candid shot by my friend Anne Valeriano

I had my retreat at Caleruega, Batangas. I'll be giving the place with 5 stars and 2 thumbs up. It's a good place to commune with the nature and be closer to God.

For my outfit post:

Plaid Polo (Topman), Khaki Chinos (Bench), Bracelet (SM Accessories), Watch (Scubed), Aviator Eyeglasses (Forever 21)

I am PAULO and I had a good time

Sort of like a FAMILY

Here I go again, posting something about my blockmates. We may have great differences but I know somehow we share a common thing and I am pretty sure that those differences and what's common to us makes our whole section, our friendship, makes us sort of like a FAMILY.

So here's the 2nd part for our retreat videos. The first may be a bit fun but this second is more of on a serious note. I hope you guys enjoy it.

I am PAULO and we can be YOUNG FOREVER.

Friday, August 24, 2012

4 C Pharmacy (you make me feel MV)

They say that it's hard to find real true friends when you are in college because of the pressure you are into. For me, it's a big NO NO. They are everywhere. Just like my blockmates, they are real true friends. I like each and everyone of them because they are unique in their own way and that makes 4CPH exists.

So, I just had a retreat with them at Caleruega, Batangas. Had a very epic retreat with my crazy, jolly and wonderful blockmates. That's why I made a video... here it is...

I am Paulo and I love 4CPH!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Glam Rock for Mya

My friend Mya asked me for help. She was asked to join their university's pageant which she has been dodging for 3 years. She has to do it for additional points and whatsoever stuff. So the theme for their pictorial is Glam Rock. I know people will first think of it as leather, boots, black, fishnet, violet and pink cause I did too but I thought most of the contestants will definitely wear those so I need to incorporate what's in to that. So this is the product of the experimentation I had... A bodycon dress, blazer, heels, socks and necklace...

Btw, that girl is a youtube sensation from the group Karmim.... I got those pictures from google images... :D

I am Paulo and this is Glam Rock!

Friday, August 17, 2012

UST Personal

So I was browsing again my facebook wall and I saw this T-shirt design by Personal. What I thought after it, this will be a good blog post since I haven't posted since the flood except for yesterday's and the lookbook post. What I mean is it's not that updated anymore. Anyway, that's not important, what is... is this, the designs of personal shirt. For my fellow Thomasians, let me present to you Personal Shirt S.Y. 2012-2013 Fashion. hahaha..

These three are my personal favorite... and I really need to get these. Hoping that it's not out of stock. Cause every time I visit their booth when they are at UST my size isn't available. :((

Btw, you can order them online or visit their store... Here's how..

So THOMASIANS, go grab these shirts now. Yes SHIRTS. Don't just buy one.. get many. :D

I am PAULO and I am Personal

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cotton On

Something "aussie big" is going on. I wonder what it is? If Europe has H&M, Topman/shop or Zara, America has Forever 21, Japan has Uniqlo, China has Giordano and Philippines has Bench, Penshoppe, Oxygen or F&H, well Australia has Cotton On. As based from their website and critiques, what you will buy is worth paying for. And now, Cotton On is finally here in the Philippines and they will open this 2012. I'm kinda excited for this. If you want to know more about their clothes click here for their website.

I am Paulo and I am Cotton On, are you?