Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bluer than Blue

I guess most people particularly men, their favorite color is blue. Mine as well, but just next to my top favorite which is violet. But again, there is a specific shade of blue that I love most and I will feature that here. SKY BLUE. So I tried experimenting on compiling different kind of clothes yet share a common thing which is the color. I know, few people are brave enough to wear a color coordinated clothes. For me, I think I am brave enough to wear this. I picked from different stores and got these as the result.

Let's start with the button down long sleeve polo from Topman. I chose that because I just love the color and also the style of the pocket. Next, it's good to wear a bow tie on it but you have to be careful enough to pair something which will fit it best. So I found this light colored denim-ish from Svpply. Now the pants, again, I chose chinos. Yes I am a fan of chinos. Saw that chinos from PrettyGreen. Let's go with the shoes, as you can see the whole outfit shows a smart casual look that's why I chose these Gommino shoes from Tods. So I thought, everything's on a perfect fit but something is missing, I tried putting on a cardigan but it's not that good, that's why I came up with a blazer which is from Eleven Paris. Lastly, for finishing touch that will most likely help achieve the all blue smart casual look is none other than a Daniel Wellington watch. I just love how their watches look and I'm thinking of making a solo blog post about it so that I can show you how good it is. And I want one badly!

I am PAULO and I'm a Blue

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