Friday, August 17, 2012

UST Personal

So I was browsing again my facebook wall and I saw this T-shirt design by Personal. What I thought after it, this will be a good blog post since I haven't posted since the flood except for yesterday's and the lookbook post. What I mean is it's not that updated anymore. Anyway, that's not important, what is... is this, the designs of personal shirt. For my fellow Thomasians, let me present to you Personal Shirt S.Y. 2012-2013 Fashion. hahaha..

These three are my personal favorite... and I really need to get these. Hoping that it's not out of stock. Cause every time I visit their booth when they are at UST my size isn't available. :((

Btw, you can order them online or visit their store... Here's how..

So THOMASIANS, go grab these shirts now. Yes SHIRTS. Don't just buy one.. get many. :D

I am PAULO and I am Personal

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